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    Weight loss is just a gradual process, so be motivated and consistent. Reduce consumption of sugar and junk foods. Eat variety of foods and especially green veggies and low carbs foods. Drink more and more water. Adopt a good fitness plan that includes some cardio, stretching and weight lifting exercises. These are some initial tips to weight loss.
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    I support what you say, but would like to add something on it. Start doing exercise whenever you get time, even if you get just 5 minutes. Choose low calories food and try eating slow. Now concentrate fully whenever you eat and always adopt dinner table and avoid TV while eating. I am sharing one article , that explain same you said with giving reason – that helped me a lot in my process.
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    Those are good tips, but I also found it very important to have some protein with each meal. Also cut out white flour, "white" foods in general (rice, bread, potatoes etc.) And have some good fats - olive oil, coconut oil. We do need a moderate amount of fat for health.

    I can't do cardio exercises or hardly any exercises because of CFS but with eating low carb, moderate protein, lots of vegies, a little fruit and small amount of whole grains, I do keep my weight under control and have managed to lose weight even though unable to exercise in any meaningful way.

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    Totally agree, this is the basic things, that not only helps to lose weight but it plays a vital role in staying fit as well.
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    Great tips for weight loss, thanks for sharing this useful information.
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  6. Follow are few tips for weight loss :

    quite smoking.
    Limited consumption of alcohol.
    Do Regular exercise.
    Less usage or Reduce salt in your food.
    Do not use spicy food.
    Keep walk for daily 30 mins.
    Do take regular medicine advice by physician.
    Use boil vegetable or salad more.
    Reduce consumption of meet.
    Reduce fats and cholesterol foods.
    Reduce fried products.
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    I think that all of of the above is good sound advice. (No spicy food though?!) For me, I am a carb addict - which apparently is very common in people with FM and CFS/ME. The moment sugar touches my lips, I am a goner...literally. Diet out the window...I WANT AND MUST HAVE CARBS....sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found when I cut the carbs, increase the protein, and for myself have a medium intake of fat, no sugary fruits or veg or starches (ie corn, beets, apples, breads, rice, noodles etc). I find (as do many) with a higher protein diet we aren't as hungry any more! In fact, I have to remind myself to eat!!! But the moment I have carbs, I will literally be going through the cupboards, freezers, you name it...to get some more! CARBS (for me!) are EVIIIIIIIIL
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    Definitely @marky121 I always try to have at least a large salad full of goodies for one meal a day. Although when it is snowing, wet, cold, raining and bleak....salads are not the most of enjoyable foods. (My husband (a true Brit) says that 'salads are confined to a May through to September period of eating'. I have one of those Magic bullets - and I have been making some great smoothies with whey protein and frozen fruits. But admittedly, had people over for dinner on Saturday. And there was a lot of chocolate. And a lot of chocolate left. And our roomie is addicted to chocolate rice krispies (so I seem to find my hand in the box several times a day to get my 'hit'. How bad is that?! HOWEVER, I am doing my yogalates exercises everyday and I am enjoying it very much - actually LOOK forward to doing it. (Never thought I would say that about exercise!). But it is the stretches that I am finding most helpful and enjoyable - and being able to get a little bit more mobility happening.
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    Abstain from eating oily food and do some weight reducing exercises !!!
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    Do some yoga. It is very helpful...
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    regular exercise and eating healthy diet is one of the best weight loss cure and it fact that working good and showing accurate results.