Weird feeling in head???

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    Head pressure has been one of my greatest symptoms over the years I have been sick. I have had a lot of tests to find out what the cause is without any positive result.

    My view is that because head/brain pressure can be caused from multiple reasons each person needs to rule out the causes one by one so to speak.

    Allergy test is a great start. MRI maybe as the last resort unless you have other more serious symptoms. Extreme headaches & dilated eye pupil, etc. In my journey I have found that anti-yeast measures often do help a great deal. Our gut and brain are linked so keep your gut healthy with good probiotics everyday. It can do you wonders. Tests for viral or bacteria infections or tick born diseases if you think it applies to you. But make sure the labs your doctor uses are specific "speciality labs" so they know how to properly handle them. Otherwise it is a waste. You will end up with false negatives and think you don't have a problem.

    Just another idea just in case it helps someone. Some of you may want to try this test: start with 600 mg. of N-acetyl cysteine NAC. If you react like you are catching the flu, sneezing, coughing, irritated eyes, achy (NAC flu) there is a possibility you could have a hidden persistant C. pneumonia bacteria infection. Not everyone with this infection reacts but enough do to use it as an initial test. Increase by 600 mg. over time until you reach 2400 mg. daily. Careful if you react. It took me several months to work my way up to 2400 mg. Quite clear now this has been a problem for me. I am in treatment and my head/brain pressure is improving considerably. If you would like to read more about this you can go to the website. They aren't selling anything. Just want to help folks like us. CL
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    check your blood pressure at that time
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    have you had a test on your head (catscan MRI) i have the same as you and i read on yahoo that some of these symptoms can be caused by problems in the brain. i am going to see my doctor to see about getting a scan on my head to make shore i will post the results of the test
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    I also get this exact same symptom and was told it was a "cervicogenic" headache coming from my tight neck muscles. I think the tingling is part of it too but I know for me the tingling is worse the more anxiety I get over that feeling. I had an MRI which was clear so I know now that when it comes it will also pass so I jsut try to relax and get through the episode the best I can. Good luck
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    thank you thank you i do believe this is exactly what i have i work for ups and the heavy lifting has my neck hurting which i believe cause the pressure or weird feeling in my head i've bought 15 pillows in the last month nothing seems to work making an appointment in the morning because i feel pressure on the left side of my face also which could be my sinus
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    Do you get jaw pain too? when i suffered this my head, and sinus, turned out to be because the muscles get so tight, need to massage you head, sinus area, jaw, and lay on a heat pad for a while beforehand.

    give it a go, it may help
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    It's been getting worse and lasts for hours at a time...I don't seem to have stuffy sinuses though. It's been really concerning me because my mouth feels kinda numb and almost feel like I'm drunk or stoned. When this happens it takes EVERYTHING in me to concentrate on what I'm doing/thinking/saying. It really scares me! I also have this weird kinda shakey feeling. I have 2 friends with MS and it seems very similar to what happens to them. When I described it they asked if I was sure I don't have MS...I had an MRI and even a spinal tap about 10 years ago and they both came up negative though.

    Wondering if everyone with fibrymyalgia has become progressively worse?? every time I have a flare-up it is 2-3x as bad as the last time and I wonder how I am going to possibly live through another one
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    I have also had this problem with blurry vision but it comes and goes. My eye doctor says my vision is near perfect, but everytime I see him (once a year) I'm not having the problem. Sometimes I can look at something like writing and see it perfectly and another time be the exact same distance and looking at the same thing and I can't make out a thing. I also get a lot of pressure behind my eyes...I'm constantly rubbing them and I have a headaches every day and migraines very frequently too.
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    Thanks for the info. I have a lot of the same issues as far as the pressure in the head and behind the eyes and I also get a lot of headaches and fogginess as a result. I'm seeing saline as a simple solution to a lot of this stuff on the board so that's def worth a try.
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    I have had the same problems on and off for about a year. My head gets really tight and foggy and sometimes the pressure in my head gets so bad I feel like my head is going to explode. It gets really scary when this happens and wonder if I should go to the hospital, especially when it wont go away. I know this is due to my sinus's swelling. It also effects my eyes and vision when this happens. Along with these symptoms I get a really nervous and shaky feeling for some reason and get a drunk feeling in my head. I also get red rashes and burns on my face, disorientation, memory loss, and confusion. I did some research about these symptoms and have come to the conclusion that it could be electromagnetic sensitivity or electromagnetic poisoning. Just recently my fingers on my right hand started twitching and when I go someplace else it all starts to clear up after a few days.

    This depresses me because I just got my Bachelors degree in graphic design and just started a career in this field and I cant seem to be on a computer for more then 10 minutes without my eyes and face burning and my head feeling like its going to pop. I have been given freelance assignments and job offers, but I don't think I'll be able to do it...... So I guess my career is down the drain.

    This all started when I moved into my apartment a year and a half ago, I never had problems like this before. I could use a computer as much as I wanted and now suddenly I am so sick and foggy headed all the time. I have heard about living near cell phone towers and having smart meters can make you sick. I found out that there is a cell phone tower a couple a blocks away from me and I am suspicious that my apartment complex is using smart meters. I am moving in a couple of weeks and hopefully I will start feeling better after I do.

    So about a week ago I ordered an EMF shielding tent to sleep in and it has been helping a lot but I do have to spend a considerable amount of time in it. If I spend too much time in my apartment without being in the tent I start getting really sick again. The tent makes me feel a lot better and I can sleep really good and it makes the symptoms go away, even the twitching in my fingers.
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    Obviously, I am not a doctor, but have had this as well....and it was a sinus infection. My mother has this all of the time and she uses a neti pot (please correct spelling if wrong) that she got from her pharmacy. She said it has helped her hugely. What I even find that helps is rubbing Vicks on my temples, and in the areas that are bothering me most and that seems to help too. Not fun, that's for sure. And I hope that by now (years later!) you have found a solution. A.x
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    I am glad to read that some of you have gone to your doctors - and have had extensive investigations to rule serious issues out. A lot of you mentioned sinus infections - which can be soooo painful....but tension headaches and migraines (that come in a variety of different forms, just to make it even more fun). Have you been able to have your blood pressure checked when experiencing this? My concern (as is always) is that when presented with a new symptom to the GP, their first response is 'it's your fibro' - and don't bother to investigate it further. Always, always get things checked out! And if your doctor is a 'just fibro' doctor....find a new one! Yes, there are many co-existing symptoms with FM - however, that isn't to say that all symptoms ARE FM related! Here (in the UK) because the NHS (national health insurance) is free, our doctors and hospitals have basically become accountants....and no further investigations are happening unless you are pretty much at death's doorstep!

    When in doubt - go to the doctor!