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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sues1, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    On my left hand....small finger and ring finger nails go back and forth from being straight and "normal" to curling right over on to the top on my fingers and laying on top of my fingers.

    Little while later they will slowly go back to normal and a little while later you can watch them again slowly curl back.

    Anyone have a idea why?????????

    I am more amused than concerned...........Susan
  2. Michelle_NZ

    Michelle_NZ New Member

    Hi sues

    I'm not sure about this, but I do remember reading somewhere that verticle ridges on your nails are common with FM and are a sign of endocrine imbalance.

    Sorry, dont know about the curling ones, but it could be a good place to start your research.

  3. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    but here is a couple of sites for nail disorders you can check out if you want.

    Best of luck,

  4. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Thanks!! I've wanted to find a site like that for ages.

    Years ago a doc studied my fingernails (I was about 19) and told me to always have a test for Lupus done each year no matter where we were. (military)

    I've always been curious to know what he saw that day.

    Thanks again,

    Nancy B.
  5. JLH

    JLH New Member

    My nails are now wavy and not straight. They also have a lot of pits in them.

    My dermatologist said that I had nail psorosis.

    I also have a lot of ridges, but I think that comes with age!

  6. WendyC

    WendyC New Member

    My doctor told me it was due to my endochrine imbalance (pituitary, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction). I am on hormones but haven't noticed any changes with my nails although my eyelashes have grown back and my leg hairs are starting to grow again.

  7. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    I have that, and my dermatologist says it is a form of psoriasis.

    My father had the scaley type, so I can believe it.

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