weird hallucinations/freaked out...ambien?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dani78xo, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. dani78xo

    dani78xo New Member

    has anyone ever had this happen?

    i took my ambien last night as usual at 10,
    and i read for a couple minutes until it kicked in,
    and then i tried going to sleep.

    i didn't get to sleep until three or four.
    it was agonizing.
    i felt nauseated, i was hallucinating,
    i started freaking out at one point because i thought the hallucinations were hurting me.

    i don't know exactly why,
    but something just felt really OFF about me.
    i didn't feel right. my chest was hurting,
    my heartrate felt like it was through the roof...
    i kept having to get up and switch the light on,
    because i kept seeing things.

    if i looked across the room, it looked like everything in my room was flying at me.

    i was pacing all night, and i feel horrible today.
    not to mention i'm still going through horrible withdrawal.

    it really freaked me out,
    and i still don't really know what happened.
    this ever happen to anyone?
  2. daylight

    daylight New Member

    You need to talk to your doctor. How long have you been taking the ambien?
  3. jhmitch

    jhmitch New Member

    Wow! You really should get in touch with your doctor about this since this reaction is far from just having a minor side effect.

    I've never taken Ambien, but right after my most recent surgery, I was given a morphine pain pump and saw all sorts of weird hallucinations (plus had some bizarre delusions, too) in my hospital room.

    Once my husband insisted that the morphine be stopped, the hallucinations & delusions immediately ended, as well. So please call your doctor and never underestimate the power of meds on the mind.

    Wishing you better times.

  4. HagerTX

    HagerTX New Member

    In 2003, my mother (~60 years old at the time), was taking Ambien. One night she took it but didn't go to bed immediately. She took a shower and did a few other things beforehand. When she got out of the shower, she was hallucinating and was losing control over her coordination and such.

    I try to stay away from the hypnotics. I took Lunesta for a month or two but it quit working after a few weeks.

    Have you tried Elavil or anything like that?
  5. dani78xo

    dani78xo New Member

    i've been going through real bad withdrawal from cymbalta,
    for about a week now.
    i've had trouble sleeping even with the ambien the last couple nights,
    but i haven't had any horrible experiences until last night.

    i've been taking ambien for..probably a month to a month and a half now,
    i was taking lunesta but my insurance won't cover it anymore.
    i hadn't had any bad reactions until last night.

    yes, i've tried nortriptyline {sp?} which i've heard is alot like elavil,
    it made me horribly sick...and didn't help me sleep all that much.
    until i got on lunesta, i wasn't getting to sleep until four in the morning.
    unfortunately i had to switch to ambien.
    my mom's been on it for several years now,
    and she said that sometimes if you stay up too long
    you can hallucinate...which i did before sometimes,
    but it was never anything serious.
    i always just went to sleep if it happened,
    and i never had trouble going to sleep.

    i've never had withdrawal from a medicine before,
    but i've heard some people have had horrible reactions from going off of cymbalta.
    could the withdrawal from that have something to do with it?

  6. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    Ambien makes me sleepwalk! I woke up one nught in the pitch black of night, in the farethest end of my house in the children's bathroom. I didn't know where I was, just kept feeling the walls until I finally found a door. It was very scary! I have taken it before and only to awaken in my kitchen doing something or just as I am about to fall down. I don't take it any more. I heard on a news program a few weeks ago that people have gotten out in their cars and actually tried to drive while on ambien. The news reporter even admitted that he would forget about making phone calls when he took it. The people he had talked to would mention something he said, and he'd have no memory of having said it. So I guess ambien doesn't agree with everyone!
    Take Care!
  7. CinCA

    CinCA New Member

    I got a sample from an MD (a little before I stopped seeing MDs, period) because my sleep cycle was so screwed up after waking up with my little baby girl for 1 1/2 years straight (she took 18 mo. plus to sleep through the night). Never, EVER again!!!!

    I've never taken any sort of illicit drugs, LSD, whatever, but I sure felt like I imagined I would've if I had tried them. Got the full-on bugs crawling on my skin, horrible hallucinations, freaking out with a pounding, so fast heart rate, I think I even got paranoid delusions (that whole "people are after me" thing). I don't even remember the details other than I am pretty sure I was up rather than sleeping the whole night!

    Fortunately, I guess, I've had so many bizarre reactions to meds that I knew this was just another one and I really had not gone completely off my rocker. So I did my best to tell myself that no, there weren't bugs on my skin, no, the CIA was not out to kill me, no, whatever hallucinations weren't real, and tried my darndest to sit still under the covers and try my yoga breathing 'til the horrible stuff wore off. I think it was around that point that the one MD gave up on me and refused to treat me, because I reacted to so many things and just refused to take others because of my long, sordid history with pharmaceuticals.

    So I really can sympathize! I hope you were able to get the drug out of your system (make sure you drink tons of water!) and have called your dr. since you've been on Ambien for a little while. If it does have withdrawl potential, stopping it (if that's what you decide) needs to be monitored by ideally the prescribing/regular physician.

    Finally (I read your reply), I tried nortriptylene several years back, for depressive symptoms I later found out were hormonal and caused by oral contraceptives. It gave me hives all over my body and made me horribly sick. Interesting....

    Good awful of a night for you!
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  8. daylight

    daylight New Member

    I have had worked with patients that have sleep walked while taking Ambien but never have heard anything until now of hallucinations while taking it.
    You really should stop taking it and call your doctor. What can it hurt? I have had allergic reactions to meds that I have taken in a short amount of time. It might also be just that you may need the dosage reduced.
  9. suz9601

    suz9601 Member

    I too have hallucinations if I take ambien and dont go straight to bed and never open my eyes. If I take it and keep my eyes open I see all kinds of things people wouldn't believe.

    One time I took it sitting up and about a half hour later I thought the dog was a coyote and my husbands head was as big as a marti gra float. I could go on and on..but anyway, I dont take it nightly, if I do I get suicidal from it. But ocassionly it is okay and I am fine.

  10. Peacelearning

    Peacelearning New Member

    I tried it for 2 nights, and I slept less than when I "wasn't able to sleep". It made me feel anxious -- AND awake! I wasted the bottle. .5 - 1 mg of zanex before bed helps me sleep 6 hours straight -- up, then another 2 hours. Good. Plus, napping helps rest my CNS that gets completely exhusted from CF. (sometimes those naps are dang long) Anyway, Ambien didn't work for me, but I know quite a few people it works great for. Like a few of my nurse friends on night shift -- some take it to sleep during the day...
  11. LonelyHearts

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