weird leg pain how to explain to doctor

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  1. bren22

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    Does anybody have this - leg pain combined with the feeling that the leg is falling asleep as well as the feeling that the muscle is about to spasm? It is somewhat like lack of circulation. Don't feel like the leg will support me when I get up. Off to a new doc on Wed and he wants huge physical and symptom history. finding it difficult to explain all the symptoms.


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    Glad you are going to have it checked out futher. Mine was so "numb" that I started falling. It was like tring to hold up a bowling ball with a rubberband! Sometimes it was fine and alot of the time it felt as if there was no leg under me. I had an MRI and found out that I have 3 bad discs. My lower back was in alot of pain.
    Be careful and in the meantime you may want to use a cane for extra support. Good luck! Mary
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    Hi Bren,

    I just saw my doc on 1/25 and had to explain my leg pain to him as well mine is very simuliar. He said I have RLS.
    Comes on mostly at night. I had a horrible bout with it last night & hardly slept. Here I am ready for an 8 hr work day running my office. Tired.

    Just best describe what you are feeling to your doc. I see a pain doc. You may want to try to keep a log on how it feels, where it hurts & when it comes on.

    I know ice packs will help calm the some of the spasms to a degree. Some may say heat, but ice works better for me. My husband who is a doctor has me use ice packs.

    I hope this helps somewhat. Good luck

    your friend,
    Fungirl (Dawn)