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    i am relatively new to this board and i've had fibromyalgia for 13 years. i now have a strange new pain and i figured i'd ask you guys and see if it's fm related. i'll be just sitting there and all of a sudden my bottom jaw starts aching and then it moves to my chest and it hurts badly. i have to hold on to my jaw and take deep breaths until it subsides. i thought i was going to have a heart attack, so i'd be really relieved if it's an fm symptom.


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    What part of your chest is the pain in? Many of us have problems with pain in and around the ribcage area. YOu might have costochondritis, whis is an inflammation of the tissues in the ribcage.

    Also, jaw pain is very typical for FM, and FM pain tends to move around a lot. Make sure you check this out with your doctor though, hopefully a doctor who knows a lot about FM. We aren't doctors here.
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    It scared me as well because they are signs of a heart attack. It hasn't happened in a while. When it did I took 2 asperin and it went away. Hope you feel better. Jenn
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    thank you so much for your response, i am going out and getting some asprin tomorrow.
  5. luvdogs

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    for me. I use Aleve, and some Tramadol. I also use heat. Moist heat is better. I also stretch.
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    My mother(64) is recovering from TRIPLE bypass heart surgery right now...she was having that exact type of pain...from the jaw into the heart. It started coming on here and there over a year ago, but the last six months she got worse.
    Initial tests showed little, and she was tested more than once over the last year but in the end she ended up with a serious condition--number one killer of women, they say!
    Since this is a NEW pain for you, and it's in the heart, please get it checked out.
    I'm not trying to scare you, but then again, you are already scared...
    Have you checked with your doctor? Please get it checked out!
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    Im new also to the fibromyalgia family, my worst pains is when i get sharp pain in my heart and chest area after that i get very fatigue and all i want to do is sleep.i have had 3 ekgs and all came back good,i had the stress test...ect, my pain may go away for a few days but it will hit out of the blue and ruin the rest of my day or days,i really find it hard to beleive theres no cure for this. its messed up waking up the next day "if u can sleep" not knowing how you will feel that day :( also i have the blurry eyes which is no good either