weird questions on us.........

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    My mind is wandering......I know so many people with Bi-Polar and I see many here. Either themselfs of children or such. Almost seems common now days. Mis-Diagnoise or something else going on?

    My other thoughts are that I only know of one child with Autism, none with Asperbergers. (Excuse spelling of either if wrong). I am a older person, so been around a long time.

    So many here have a child with one or the other. Why? Is there something in our genes? Does it also have any connection to our DD's? I am amazed of how often I read this on this board.

    My heart goes out to all on this. I know this is strange or odd thoughts.........but? Any ideas?

    I guess I am thinking this because in researching Tourette's disease, it said that sometimes a ancestor had Parkinson disease.....other diseases also were mentioned.

    So if can see my thought pattern...
    I know......I think too much at times......LOL...

    Love and Blessings.......Susan