weird red spots

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    Ok, I know this is really minor, but I am wondering if it is indicative of something else, like when finger or toenails change color or texture it can be a clue to something else that is going on in the body. Actually, that has happened to me too lately (nails are more white and have ridges that didn't used to be there.) Anyway, I haven't actually figured that out either, but I have some ideas and that's not what my question is about.....on the tops and one side of my big toes, I have been getting some things that start out looking like really tiny blisters, but they are hard. Then the bump part of them goes away, but they turn red...sometimes in spots like pin pricks, and sometimes bigger and more diffuse, but still relatively small. Then they gradually fade away, and new ones come. They don't hurt, they don't itch, they don't really bother me, but they have only been around for about 2 months. I have tried to look for info online and haven't found anything. So, I was just wondering if anyone else gets these and/or knows what they are.
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    but I would have thought it would itch.

    Try googling "pompholyx" - it's a type of exzema that I get sometimes and sounds a bit like yours.

    Have you tried salt water soaks? Might help heal it? Or a cortisone cream?

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