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    I AM SOOO CONFUSED.... i received a favorable decision on aug 9th, i had not received anything from then telling me how much i would get or how much my back pay wouuld be, welllll today i get a letter from then telling me how much my first payment would be and how much the next payment would be and then it goes on to say that i will not receive my back pay because it was going to take all of it to repay SSI, how weird is that i have never received a dime from SSI, already had the phone call telling me i was approved for the SSI, but the lady and i both came to the conclusion that even tho i was approved for the SSI, i would not qualify, my spouse makes too much money, so no problem, well today the letter just blew me away when it said they were going to be repaying ssi, then it went on to say a few pages later that they were holding my back payment in case i had been getting the ssi, and if i had not they will not reduce it, go figure, then it says my first payment will be smaller because of the medicare payment, i sent a form saying i did not want the medicare because my spouse has me on his insurance right after i was approved for ssd, i dont know what to think i guess if i just wait another letter will come with more strange things on it.. it is such a shame to wait so long for your decision and needing to pay your bills, it is just up and down i guess it will end, thought you guys might relate to this and let me know if i need to get excited...... best to you all cindylou
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    Or call them. Get it straightened out as it can take them forever to correct mistakes. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    i am sorry wake i guess i am having one of my foggy moments, i applied for ssd and ssi in march of 2002, i got an approval letter in the mail on aug 9th, 2006 telling me i was approved for both, well my local office called me to see if i was going to qualify for the ssi, i do not, i never did so i really dont know why my attorney filed for it but he did, anyway it was confirmed that i would not qualify for ssi, my husband makes too much money and my ssd would be more than the max on ssi, anyway the letter said they would be holding my back pay to pay back the ssi which i never ever received. and it also stated that they would be taking out for medicare which i refused it when they sent me the paper work to either except or deny the medicare, on it i stated that i was covered under my spouse policy, i am sorry if i am making no since, nothing makes since to me...anyway i dont know how to explain it any better thanks for reading cindylou
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