Weird Stinging pain under right rib anyone have this...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kimba4318, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    it is almost like a burning on my skin and in whatever organ may be under there. Very weird sensation, even to touch it from the outside.

    Anyone have any ideas on this?

  2. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Sorry I can't help more but will bump for more replies.


    Nancy B
  3. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    I believe your gall bladder and liver are under the bottom part of your front R. ribs. Do you notice it more after yo have eaten something greasy????

    Also, I get a hard , very painful lump about half the size of a pea located about 2 inches above the navel, and 2 inches to the right of center. Imean this pain will take your breath away. I just attribute it to the FM. Sometimes, I will massage NEXT to the lump in an attempt to get it to go down. It basically goes away when it feels like going away. This lump is close to the surface skin, but isn't attached to the skin> I don't know if this is the same as you are talking about because this is before the rib cage.
  4. fairydust39

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    It may be Shingles! Do some research on Shingles and see if that may be the cause!

    These are symptoms!

    What Causes Shingles?
    Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox.
    If you've had chickenpox (over 90% of US adults have), the virus remains in your body and can cause shingles.
    The chickenpox virus stays inactive in certain nerves.
    If the virus becomes active again, usually later in life, it causes the painful disease called shingles.

    How Do You Get Shingles?
    You are at risk for getting shingles if you have had chickenpox. In addition:
    Conditions that weaken the body's immune (defense) system, such as aging, cancer, or certain drugs, increase the chance that the virus will become active again, resulting in shingles.
    You should know that there is no way to predict who will get shingles, or when.
    About half of the nearly 1 million Shingles cases in the United States each year occur in people aged 60 years and older.
    1 out of 2 people living to age 85 will have Shingles.
    The older you get, the longer the Shingles rash may last.

    Key Facts About Shingles
    Shingles, also called herpes zoster (HZ), can be a painful disease that can affect anyone who has had chickenpox.
    It can start at any time, without warning.
    The first signs of shingles are often felt and may not be seen. These can include: itching, tingling and burning. A few days later a rash of fluid-filled blisters appears, usually on one side of the body or face.

    Sometimes the pain before the rash appears can be confused with other conditions and this can make shingles difficult to diagnose early on.

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  5. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    I had some blister type things around my incision line.. noted as a reaction to the tape they put on after my surgery last week.

    I have the chills too - very clamy - very hot and very cold at the same time. I am worried I am infected after this surgery as that happened to me last time (staph).

    Geez it never ends... NOt sure what is going on but it will come and go and burns inside and at the incsion line and then where I noted above. Also, on the outside then I will touch it and it gets worse...

    Who knows? I cannot ruin my childrens Christmas with my never ending health issues!!


  6. Mandio18

    Mandio18 New Member

    hey kim,
    i am 19 yrs old and have fibromyalgia. i have this pain as well! its a tight, burning, tense, uncomfortable stinging pain! it feels like its underneath my ribs. sometimes its even im my chest. i have no idea what causes it or what to do for it i just think its caused from my fibro.

    sorry i have no help for you
  7. lin21

    lin21 New Member

    I was glad to see your post about this. For the past several weeks i too have been experiencing this. I have been under awful stress and I have been trying to ignore it because so much has been going on in my life.
  8. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    Hi friends... That is so ODD that some of you all have experienced this as well. I am def. starting a flare... maybe it just happens to be that it is part of the flare and nothing to do with the surgery I just had.

    That is so weird. I did not think you all would even know what I meant. I will certainly let you know what I find out, if anything, about this. Maybe it will help on of you.

    Boy its fun having this FM :-(

  9. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I had a liver sonogram today and when she put the thing on me it felt like it was stinging a little.Not from the blue stuff put stinging in my skin.
  10. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    I've had gallbladder pain and liver pain. The liver is right below your breasts in your chest in the center and on the right side. When you feel your liver, it feels like a tight, tired, ache in your chest, you may almost think it's your heart. The gallbladder is right under the liver and is a little to the right of center. Gallbladder pain is more intense and it's a sharp pain that tends to increase when you inhale and makes you take smaller breaths until it passes. If it's really bad, it's hard to move or walk without it increasing and taking your breath away. If you push on the skin over it, it will feel more sensitive. I think this pain is what people used to refer to as "growing pains" which means they didn't know what the hell it was but just had to say their own goofy opinion. You may even notice a bit of swelling just below your breasts and a couple inches to the right of center.

    hope this helps,

  11. AllWXRider

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    Every doc has at least 1 nurse. It's a free phone call and might save you a co-pay.

    The check for a swollen gallbladder is to push underneath the bottom right rib, right next to the sternum. If this makes the pain worse, then you need to take action very soon. Gallstones are very common and can block the bile duct from emptying into the small colon.

    Bile is used to break up fats in the colon. Then lipase from the pancreas breaks it down into lipids. Does the pain get worse when you eat fatty foods?
  12. itsmepame

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    You have the same exact symptoms that I have. I can't get an real answer, you explained the symtoms almost exactly like I would have! Please keep me informed of your progress and I will also do the same! Hopefully, itsmepame :)
  13. itsmepame

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    Thanks for the info. I see that now. I just joined group. :)