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  1. dsames

    dsames New Member

    I have noticed that yesterday and today I have had episodes of one finger tip, becoming very cold and tingling. It feels like you feel when you apply ice to an area. NUMB. On the same finger, I also have a blue spot just about where the knuckle is, as if there had been a blood vessel broken, if so, I still don't know why the finger tip would get cold.

    Has anyone else ever had this?

    Thanks Shirley

  2. mrsfie

    mrsfie New Member

    I had that on my upper back by my neck on and off for about a month. It felt like a cold air duct blowing on that spot. It was really weird and eventually just went away. I never mentioned it to my doctor that I remember.

  3. Dree

    Dree New Member

    I'm new on this board, but thus far have enjoyed reading and learning. Just wanted to post a BIG yes to your question. I have this same sensation on the tip of my right hand middle finger. No where else....Guess just another mystery to this whole fibro thing....Hugs....Dree
  4. BraidieBunch

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    Gotta share this....We attended the San Jose Science museum this last year on a family vacation. There was one area that had a "thermal" image of your body projected on this HUGE screen. It would show the heat radiated from your body in for hot ...yellow....less blood for dead..ggg.. Well...guess who wa almost blue!!! Well..ok..maybe more of a teal!!! Yours truly!! I joked it off with the my kids and the folks around me...My DH always said that I has ice running thru my veins!!! Funny how science and humor can get you through the day!!! BraidieBunch with blue fingers and toes...
  5. dsames

    dsames New Member

    I loved your story. I would probably show up blue too, well maybe only that finger. This morning, it's not cold and tingling. Later Today, maybe.

    We are unique creatures, aren't we!!

    Love Shirley
  6. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    .....I have had a patch on my left calf that occasionally so cold! Doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's always in that same place. Weird!

    It's not you, Shirley.....what a goofy illness this is!