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  1. FMayastigi

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    Hi all,

    For a couple of months now I have been having the feeling of like my ears are plugged up & ringing, and it seems to happen when I am tired (not enough sleep) or stressed. Has anyone ever had that happen or something like it? If so what did you do for it or find that might help?

    Thanks so much!
  2. sydneysider

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    I haven't had this particular symptom, but I have noticed that some weird symptoms are caused by muscle tention. Could it be muscle tention aroud your ears??
  3. pearls

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    I believe Dr. Devin Starlanyl mentioned trigger points in one of her books as a possible cause of this sort of thing. I have had to keep my right ear plugged when the ceiling fan is on because of mild pain. This has been going on since my FMS started 2 ½ years ago. I've had the tinnitis, as well. My ear,nose, and throat doctor couldn't find a cause for either problem and pretty much dismissed it as something he was going to persue. Interesting, isn't it, how docs can sometimes so easily decide our pain or discomfort isn't worth their time? I'm interested in the trigger point angle, but have to find a body worker who really knows trigger points.

    By the way, the ENT ordered a hearing test when I told him of my ringing ears, so that may be what an ENT will order for you. He said I have great hearing. I'm not sure how that relates to having or not having tinnitis.

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  4. FMayastigi

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    and see my GP, he is not much help I believe he thinks I am crazy, and see if he will refer me (at the mercy of an HMO) to an ENT. Thank you all very much. I had fibrofog moment but I had forgot to say in the original post, (may be a coincidence) but this seemed to start whenever I was put on an antibiotic for a bacterial infection. I cannot remember the name right now it will come to me when I am in the shower LOL that is when I remember things. It was very rough on me, everytime I took it I had to just go to bed until it went through my system or whatever. When I do remember the name I will post it to see if anyone else has had anything like that happen. Thanks all again.
    Gentle Hugs
  5. Mrs. B

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    I have had ringing ears for as long as I can remember and they do occasionally feel "blocked up." I don't think mine from wax because I'm careful to keep them clean but, I sometimes put a capful of hydrogen peroxide in them. I let it sit and bubble until it gets warm then drain it and do the other ear. This seem to take some of the pressure of. The peroxide may seem cold at first but, it won't hurt unless you have an open scratch or busted eardrum. Hope this helps some until you can get to a doctor.

  6. Shirl

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    I don't have ringing ears, but I do what MRS.B does. I put a drop of peroxide in my ears if they bother me at all. It cleans them out and usually they are fine.

    A doctor told me to do this years ago when I had an absessed ear. Works like a charm.

    I also do this for my Pit Bull, when he shakes his head a lot, I know his ears are bothering him, so I put a drop of peroxide in his ears and he shakes his head like crazy, then he is fine for months again.........

    If you seem to have a problem with your ears with the meds, you could call your pharmacist, he could tell you right off if that med could cause this problem with the ears.

    Shalom, Shirl

  7. FMayastigi

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    Mrs. B & Shirl. I will try that. Now that I think about it that is what we used to do with my Black Lab when she was alive, and you are right it worked wonderful they would not bother her for months. Thanks to all for all the help.
    Gentle Hugs
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  8. pearls

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    My dentist told me to swish Hydrogen Peroxide around in my mouth when I had bleeding gums. That cleared up the gums. Tastes bad, though. Also, my dermatalogist had me pour the stuff onto any open sores or cuts before using any anti-bacterial creams. The peroxide kills bacteria and/or yeasts in the cuts.

    This is off the current thread, but - I think - within the FMS/CFS subject of this board. The reason I had to use the peroxide on my cuts was that in the summer after I came down with FMS, I stuck my hand into a bag of potting soil. Some of it managed to cut into my cuticle and caused an infection that would not clear up using any metholds tried by my primary care doc. So he sent me to a dermatologist. She put me on antibiotic and anti-fungal pills, an anti-fungal cream, and instructions to pour the peroxide right out of the bottle and onto all ten of my fingernails every day. In addition, I was to use peroxide that way on any cut I managed to inflict upon myself, which were many and often (I love to garden and cook when I feel good). By the way, the infected fingernail cleared up by the end of one year.