Weird Symptoms - Am I alone?

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  1. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

    Anyone have any of these symptoms?
    Curious if these are common FM type complaints:

    1) Alternating hot and cold at night. Pull blanket up, start burning up, pull off, get chills. Feel hot spots
    on body if I do any type of exercise.
    2) Cramping calves with bad ankle pain.
    3) Popping and cracking all over?
    4) Acidy burning feel to skin.
    5) Rib pain
    6) Neck pain where spine meets neck?
    7) Throbbing toes/feet
    8) Severe pain upon sneezing, especially in shoulders/chest.
    9) Chronic allergy complaints.
    10) Travelling pain, like it will hurt really bad in one area for a few minutes, then move and hit something else really bad.
    Thoughts? Is this normal FM stuff?
  2. PAT

    PAT New Member

    All of these and more...
    Yes, I think I have experienced all of the above. I also I don't know anyone who has extremely painful hiccoughs, do you have that too?
    For years I have been too embarrassed to talk about some of the odd things my body exoeriences. It was such a wondrous relief when I found this site a few years ago. For the first time in my life, I felt I wasn't alone.
    I felt like such an outsider when I would have something wierd going on and would tell a 'normal' friend or family member (even a doctor) and they give you this blank look, or the slow nod...made me feel like an alien.
    I'm sure most of us here know just how you feel. Just remember all of us when you start to feel discouraged, and know you are not alone.
    Patti G

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  3. tansy

    tansy New Member

    and loads of others as well.

    It makes one feel that making a whole list of symptoms and problems would just look ridiculous to anyone reading them.

    I find biggest problem when seeing a health professional is that I am never too sure of which ones to report. Sometimes it's clear you've mentioned too many, not mentioned enough, or brought up the wrong ones.

    Just another apsect of this DD to challenge and muddle the brain.


  4. pam_d

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    Yes, these all seem to be fibro complaints----I'm particularly relating to the "throbbing toes/feet"----I constantly feel like my toes, and hands/fingers are inflamed & swollen, even though they aren't. Doctors constantly want to test for rheumatoid arthritis & lupus because of this, but I've been all thru that (negative)----they just FEEL inflamed & swollen, anti-inflammatories don't help. Just seems to be a fibro thing for me. And the travelling pain---I always say symptoms "migrate" around my body a lot.....and new symptoms constantly crop up, while others recede for a while.....only to reappear a week, or a month, or more, later.

    You are in good company here, with all these things you are feeling....what a strange illness this is....

    Glad you are here, this is a great board for support & info, & very active.....