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    Its horrifying, torturous, every night no matter what Im doing or where I am - I have fms, cfs, mcs pretty bad, severe pain that I can only get down a small amount with morphine. I have trouble going in most buildings my body has become so sensitive, trees, grass etc is a nightmare. But at night pain doubles, ears ring really loud, heart rate increases but I feel like Im in a coma, Its like my body has shut down. I only want to go to sleep. But who could sleep in that much pain. IM DESPERATE, I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE, ITS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS. Have tried to stay in a brightly lit area, my vit D levels are normal. Its not that the morphine has run out, another dose of morphine only makes it worse, more chemicals that I cant tolerate. I cant find anything on the net. How can someone be allergic to the dark? Any ideas, anyone?
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    These illnesses can be miserable for us. Please see my post on Klonopin. Also, Dr. Cheney has an excellent article in our Library here on it. It sounds as though you may have chemical sensitivity and sensory overload, all symptoms of CFIDS. Check out articles on glutathione, RichVanK's posts on the methylation protocol, and Dr. Cheney's article here on Klonopin.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Your story sounds alot like many other people who have certain chronic infections like Borrelia and Babesia.

    Read this please....

    pages 9-11 symptom list and p 22-27 for Babesia and other coinfections.....

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