weird thing like herpes on hand wen run down someone please help

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  1. hayley1712

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    hi i get a weird symptom that every doctor doesnt know what it actually is and why i get it,when iv got chronic fatigue bad just before my period i get a weird thing on the palm of my hand first its starts of being painful to touch then after a couple of days little dots appear then it gets pus in them and really painful then i get blood poisoning up my arm and have to take lots of antibiotics,im just wondering could it be my hormones or from chronic fatigue
    ?please reply
  2. obrnlc

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    hi-when my daughter was a baby she was exposed to "hand,mouth and foot" disease, causes by the coxsackie (sp?) virus. (we are pretty sure she got it from a shopping cart handle during an epidemic of it)
    after initial exposure, every time she had a viral exposure, if she got sick or not, she would get cold sores and blister on her thumb, so severe the whole tip of her thumb would be constricted and turn purple.
    since age 5 or so, only got cold sores, til last month, now age 18, after a viral exposure--she got the same "blister", full of pus and UGLY looking, on the same spot on her thumb!
    she takes valtrex for the cold sores and i had her start it for her thumb and it went away--may have gone away regardless.
    could be a possibility, maybe try valtrex.
    good luck--L
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    This is very interesting to me! I have had a similar symptom for years. Thought it was herpes, but I've consulted doctors and they said no. I appears on my head (scalp), and sometimes other areas, especially when I've been stressed, or sick, or when I eat something I shouldn't (I seem to have an intolerance to wheat and corn). Anyway, my daughter's acyclovir, which she gets for cold sores, will clear it up, but nothing else I've found will (except time and sticking to my diet). I had never heard of the coxsackie virus, but now I will need to research that. I've certainly never been tested for it! Obrnic, could you tell more about this?
  4. obrnlc

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    hi--i don't know a whole lot about it, just know i was horrified when my sweet little baby got "hand,mouth and foot" disease, til i read about it and also saw how prevalent it was in the city where i was shopping.

    it is viral, and coxsackie is related to a herpes virus, my ped. says it doesn't stay in body all of these years, i just know EVERY time she was exposed to virus, she got the horrible cluster of cold sores on her lip and the constricting, pus filled purplish blister on her thumb.

    when she got it again last week (now age 18) i wanted the college nurse to check it out, but a sunday, so since she described it as cutting off all circ. to het thumb, sent her to ER, where the doc took one look and said "that's herpes" and walked away.

    i know zovirax, or whatever i get her in that drug class, helps the cold sores, and after a few days, the thumb thing went down in swelling and went away, i had expected it to bust open and spill nasty stuff all over.

    moral of story--use those clorox wipes on shopping cart handles, esp. with babies!!
    take care--L