weird tv show on at 1am about a prayer cloth that will bring you good fortu

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    this was on fox, a major cable channel. it was these guys who are ministers or priests. they were black and had heavy African style accents. they were from a church in philadelphia, they were promoting prayer cloths for donations. they had tons of testimonials about the cloths. they helped drug and alcohol users, marital problems, health issues ect. has anyone seen a show like this? what are your thoughts?
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    Many religions use prayer cloths-- mine doesn't so I can't offer an opinion.

    Did you see the color or hear the name of the religion? Black and white cloths are popular for the Santeria, which is a West African religion based on magic, hexes, etc...don't know much about it, but I have seen them.

    Also, there is hoodoo and Yuruba...those are African beliefs I know nothing about but maybe you can google those names.

    Also, I've seen Black Muslims in an area where I used to live that had some type of cloth they wore around their necks, as well as some type of hat. They would stand on the streets and offer literature to the cars stopped at lights.

    Sorry if it doesn't help much...I didn't see the program. Maybe someone else knows something. There are many different religions in Africa-- thousands and thousands.

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    i have my own opinion but just wanted to hear what others thought. thanks for the comments.