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    Hi, I saw you posted under the hobbies thread and I went and read your profile, a big warm welcome to you!

    If you will start your own NEW thread introducing yourself (just go to the top of the page under post topic), more people will see it.

    I have been here since 2003 so I am one of the "oldies" - you won't find a nicer group of people.

    Back at you later!

  2. libra55

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  3. Jamarz

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    Hey Libra55,
    I am really overwhelmed with this message board. What does it mean to bump up? I am thinking it means to place ur post at the beginning of the line. I don't know, I am just taking a guess. I wish that there was a different way to sort threads rather than one long list. Has anyone suggested that?

    Thanks for the warm welcome!!!!

    I am a Libra, too. Sept. 26 for me. My Grandson is a Libra: Oct 11 but he only 8 months old. LOL. I had better go as I have many errands to run. I could spend the whole day on the Net and I have at times. :>))

    I'll introduce myself later but thanks for the tip.

    Hasta Luego and many fibrohugs to you,

  4. libra55

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    You're right, bump means to take it back to the top so more people will see it. By writing this message I am bumping you. All you have to do is reply to the post put something in the subject line and message space and it goes to the top.

    As you can see this board moves fast and is hard to keep up with, that's why you're over whelmed.

    We have other boards too, if you go to the top where it says message boards and click there, you will be taken to a list of different boards, Lupus, Arthritis, Lyme just to name a few.

    Hope others see this!


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