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    Just wanted to say Welcome - it's wonderful to have someone new to pray with us, and join in. We have people coming with prayer requests from so many of the other boards, with many needs. So, it's great to have another prayer-warrior!

    I'm so curious - did you choose your name from a quote, or something different?

    There's a thread going by Jole about Christian books - we've been sharing what books we're currently reading, and have been inspired by. And then, our Prayer Request Thread changes every week. Lots of other interesting posts too.

    Looking forward to getting to know you more!

    That's a cute little dog you have in your profile - what kind is she?

    I'm a Christian too, by the way, so looking forward to sharing more.


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    Ox, so glad to have you join us. The more Prayer Warriors we have the more we can take heaven by storm!

    As Judy said, I am also a Christian, a Bible believer by faith, and a So. Baptist by denomination.

    The Bible always comes first with me, then the denomination :).......

    God's many blessings to you...................

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Another welcome! I too am Christian....still learning a lot from my dear friends here on this board.

    I have severe panic attacks and cannot attend church anymore, so this has become my "church".

    I love hearing Bible verses explained......even though I read the Bible daily, I have never had any official instructions in it, and always wonder if my interpretation is correct.

    What a great feeling to see this part of the board getting more active again!.......Jole
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    “Since earliest times men have seen the earth and sky and all God made, and have known of his existence and great eternal power . . . ”

    -Romans 1:20 (TLB)
    If you try to rationalize God exhaustively, you will fail. There are mysteries about God that we will never understand in this life. How can the small and finite, limited to time and space, understand an infinite God! We should not think it strange that it is impossible to explain many mysteries in the realm of matter.

    Who can explain why objects are always attracted to the center of the earth? Who can fathom the law of gravity? Newton discovered it, but he could not explain it. Who can explain the miracle of reproduction? . . .. Thus many evidences and many arguments could be advanced to indicate there is a God.

    Yet the plain truth is this: God cannot be proved by mere rationalization. He cannot be contained in a tiny man-made test tube or confined to an algebraic(branch of mathematics using symbols) formula. If God can be fully proved by the human mind, then He is no greater than the mind that proves Him.
    Prayer for the day
    Lord God almighty, although my finite mind cannot comprehend the magnitude of Your greatness, I have felt Your presence in the quiet of my heart and I am gladdened.

    Jole, all you need for a teacher is the Holy Spirit. I taught Eschatology for over 20 years, I had no formal education in the Scriptures. I used commentaries, lots of prayer, and the Holy Spirit was my teacher. Just keep reading your Bible.

    If you have any questions, I will be glad to try and answer them for you, if I can, so will JimB51 who is also a wonderful well learned Christian. I am sure there are others here as well. I have over a 1000 books on Scripture, and will be glad to help anytime. Most of my books were recommended by Dr. Paige Patterson whom's secretary I was right after I was saved. He is President of a semenary in Texas now. I will write him if I get stuck :).

    God's many blessings going out to you.

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. soulight

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    I am very glad that you are here too !

    In His Love and Grace,