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    Sorry this is so long, but thought I would post it today. It looks a lot better how I have it set up in my Word doc, but.... This is another humorous writing I did last year when I decided that I was NOT going to give in to FM/CFIDS anymore (well, I'm still trying). Humor helps me. I could have gone on and on with it, but zzzzzzzzzz.

    Welcome to Fibroland!

    Located right next door to CFIDS FARM
    Open 24 hours 365 days a year

    Hop aboard the Fibro Trolly and we’ll give you a guided tour of what to expect here in Fibroland! Please refer to your tour map if you become lost and confused.

    Most, if not all, of you will be on this ride in the beginning for a long time. Do not fret, you will find the right doctor and will then be able to abort the ride. Please make sure that you are completely stable with your choice before getting off, otherwise you will be thrown back on and will continue around and around and around.

    Pitty Party Parade
    Oh look! Here comes the Pitty Party Parade! This should only last a short distance. In Fibroland, there are times that you will find it necessary to be a part of the Pitty Party Parade, either by yourself or with others. Although there are much better ways to deal with overwhelming issues, at least this provides a quick release when needed.

    The Mourning Mansion
    This is a one time experience. However, some have returned more than once. Many will come here after riding Merry-Go-Doctor, but some will wait much longer. Please enter at your own risk when you are ready! Make sure you stay strapped in so that you do not become confused and think you can get out before completing the ride. Inside you will find it to be very dark, dreary and lonesome. It is a very sad, but necessary place to be – just once. You will visit your life before Fibro. We cannot explain the ride in its entirety, as it is an individual experience. You will, however, move on and put the past behind you.

    House of Pain
    Pain pain go away! It’s not just in your head! It’s everywhere!
    Experience the throbbing, shooting and stabbing pains in the House of Pain! Every day there is mild to severe pain. Sometimes it’s in your neck, sometimes in your leg, sometimes in your back and sometimes it’s just all over! Sometimes it sneaks up on you, and then other times it slaps you in the face. You won’t know which way to turn in the House of Pain!

    The “But You Don’t Look Sick” Aquarium
    Here is where you can drop off relatives, friends and co-workers who do not want to understand, or believe, what Fibroland is all about. Don’t worry, they will be kept entertained during their visit. We will provide them books, pamphlets, movies, PLUS a guest speaker every hour! This will provide hours of information to them.

    Invisible Roller Coaster
    Look! Hang on, there it is! Wait, no, it’s over there! This ride sneaks up on you at times. Just when you think you are over the hill and on your way to feeling “better”- here it comes! You’ll be up and down, up and down, up and down. In time you’ll be able to read the signs to know when you’ll be on this ride, which will make it a little more tolerable. However, don’t be too surprised when it arrives unannounced at the most unexpected times.

    Game Land – play many games here including the popular:
    “Allergic Reaction!”
    Stroll along the path filled with a variety of foods, drinks, perfumes, chemicals and other aromas. To play, simply taste a food or drink, or walk by and take a sniff. Then wait briefly to see if you are allergic! To win, well, we haven’t had any winners yet. But, sure hope you enjoy playing – besides, it’s free!

    Island of Breathe Free
    Would you like to take a bike ride or stroll along a beautiful path of blooming flowers and trees without fearing you will breathe in and become instantly sick? Want to step out into the nice cool wind and breathe in the air? Well this is the place to go! This is a chemical/aroma/airborne pollen free zone. You can even choose to walk down the cleaning supply isle of the island grocery store and nothing will happen! All you will smell is clean fresh air – nothing else! Enjoy this area many times as you would like!

    Fibro Fog Mine
    Not sure how you got here? Confused which way to go? Not sure why you came here? Confused why you went to the garage to prepare lunch? Don’t know whom you just called? Confused why you have car keys in your hand while going to the bathroom? Wonder why your granola bar tastes like dog food? Confused in general? Welcome to Fibro Fog Mine – a long tunnel of confusion and … hmmm? My apologies, I just lost track of what I was going to say.

    Zombie’s of the Caribbean
    This is a nightly ride of sleeplessness. Who needs sleep when you can ride the Zombie’s of the Caribbean! You’ll watch in horror as the Zombie’s get up and down during the night. Stumbling about trying everything in their power to get some sleep. They even resort to sleeping pills, but only to find they do not work all the time. This ride repeats over and over and over. Please jump off with caution!

    Virtual Dream Machine
    CAUTION! This ride is offered, but not recommended.
    Step into the V.D.M (Virtual Dream Machine) and go back to the days when you were Fibro free. Don’t have the energy? Press the V.D.H. (Virtual Dream Hologram) button and your personal guide will assist you. What takes place is all up to you. Want to imagine what your life would be like if you did not have Fibro? Want to go shopping, riding, a night out, etc. without getting weak and fatigued? You can choose whatever you want with V.D.M., but we caution you to not get caught up in the “what I was like before” syndrome or the “what if” game. Beware of what you ask for and prepare yourself for reality when leaving V.D.M.

    Restaurants and Snack Bars
    We serve a variety of wheat free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, caffeine free, bloat free, and a variety of other “free” type foods and drinks at all our restaurants and snack bars. Natural and herbal supplements are also available! Cost is minimal since you are probably only working part-time, or not at all. Bottle water is free in Fibroland, so drink up!

    Rest Area
    We have several rest areas throughout Fibroland. When you feel your body telling you
    HEY! STOP! then you know it’s time to rest. Feel comfortable knowing that we have the best accommodations suited just for you! Feel free to relax in our gentle massaging recliners, take a nap in a comfy bed or just sit on a fluffy couch. (we’ll assist you to get up)

    You don’t have to worry about marking off the locations of the restrooms in Fibroland! They are on every corner of the park! So relax and don’t sweat the small stuff.

    Lost and found
    This is where your family, friends and co-workers will find you when you become lost.

    Medical House
    If you become overwhelmed, pain is too much to handle, become sick, wiped out and/or you cannot take another step, please go to the Medical House for immediate care and attention. If unable move, simply press wave your Fibroland ticket in the air and you’ll be transported instantly. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT try to over do it or you will crash and have another flare up. We will provide the utmost care for you, but you must also take responsibility to listen to your body when it is at its limit. We care for you here in Fibroland!

    Tomorrow Land
    We do not know what all is in store in Tomorrow Land, as it is under construction daily.
    Although it is good to plan on tomorrow, you must learn to handle today first. Take it one day at a time. That is how we build tomorrow. Please remember that you still have a life to live, no matter how little or how much you can do!

    Thank you for taking the Fibroland Trolly tour. We hope that you have enjoyed this light hearted glimpse into the life of Fibromyalgia & CFIDS. My apologies for not taking you to ALL of the sites, I just don’t have the energy…or, just blame it on Fibro Fog!


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    Thanks Rocki for the trip through Fibroland. It made me smile and chuckle, which is what we all need to do. Every day, no matter what.
  3. maggie_d

    maggie_d New Member

    Thank you for the tour, it was very enjoyable.

    Take care,
  4. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    So clever and so true......but I laughed through it all and I think that was your intent!

    We can not take ourselfs too seriously and be open to living, loving and laughing ...when we can.
  5. rosemarie

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    I too have visited fibro land and I was flaring and I missed the turn to the medical land and I ended up in flare from Hades land. You don't ever want to go there as it is horrid, it makes pain so much worse and the fatique are all comming toward you as the same time. I kept trying to get out and I still missed the exit of flareland , Please send help soon before I get lost in fibrofog mine.

    Send help soon , Pain is getting worse fading in to the land of the lost and hopeless. Help me soon.
  6. IntuneJune

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    You did not state any admission fees (although for those of us in this state, we've paid enough) but what to mind was "Priceless."

    Thank you!

    Fondly, June
  7. RockiAZ

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    I'm glad you all enjoyed the tour! Oh...about admission...yes, it is FREE. However, I'm trying to work out a deal that WE get paid for being in Fibroland.

    Yes, it was meant for a laugh. Even though some parts may not seem so, it's just my way of coping with this DD.

    Thanks for visiting and also for your input - I see new sites opening soon! Wish you all a well day :)

    Live, Laugh, Love,
  8. katykat24

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    I got a great laugh at work cuz of this :) thanks so much

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