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    Hi Lauren and Welcome!

    I was reading your post on Orachel's introduction thread and realized you didn't have a post to let everyone know you're new.

    How hard it must be to be 18 with this creepy disease and no support from your parents. I'm sorry you have so much to deal with in the middle of starting at the U and everything. You have sure come to the right place for support and wisdom. I started with this group about a month ago and expect to be here a long time.

    I live in Renton at the south end of Lake Washington and also went to the UW. I didn't start back to school until I was 35 (long childhood!) I started in English and didn't like my first encounter with the faculty, so I packed my file over to Comparative Lit and focused on Fairy Tales and Feminism until they gave me a degree! If you ever need a fellow chronic pain person to talk to on the phone or in person, you can contact me through my internet store (in my profile.)

    Several years ago I was given Serzone and Trazodone to try and they both made me crazy. I practically needed an escort to keep me upright with the trazodone and the Serzone was almost a hallucenogen. A lot of us with FM are taking Cymbalta for depression and some are taking it for pain, as well. It's a fairly new AD that affects both seratonin and norepinephine levels. I take it for major depression and also take Wellbutrin for chronic low level depression. Neither of those ADs affect me adversely. The Cymbalta makes me stop thinking about driving into traffic and the Wellbutrin lets joy back in.

    One other thing I wanted to tell you about is the new Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center in Bellevue. If you're interested in finding out about it, just do a search for FFC. You'll find stories about the FFCs all over the country. I've gone to one visit so far and will go again next week.

    So, I'm glad you're here and wish you a pain free day.

    Take care!


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