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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Asatrump, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Asatrump

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    prayer services.

    Holy Week is a difficult one for me, even after four years it is hard to not have my organ music in hand for church.

    So, I shall pray. I will do this by reading all the posts from this past week, and hold each of you in prayer.

    I shall play on the piano all the appropriate hymns of the week. My heart will sing and cry.

    I am reminded once again by God to stop my whining. Every time I feel sorry for myself I feel God's foot in the seat of my pants saying move along, and pray for others. Yes, I face some nasty tests this week, but I should be able to walk in and eventually walk out. Surgery won't be set for awhile.

    I am to lie down one hour each afternoon. Yesterday I started to follow those directions when my daughter called. I was needed to be at her house when the little ones get off the bus. She was rushing an hour away as her husband was sent there with strange heart things? He was not kept, but sent home with a Halter monitor. God gave me the strength I needed to help. Thank you Lord.

    So again I am reminded to stop putting myself first. And the first shall be last.

    And that quote leads me to share a more pleasant memory with you from some years ago. My daughter was a senior in high school and played flute, and my son was a freshman playing trumpet. The beginning of the school year they were allowed to sit anywhere. Andy being the youngest, took the last of the 12 trumpet chairs.

    After the auditions and results were posted, my daugher called me thrilled!!!! Her brother had first chair and had beaten all the 12 upper classmen. And so the last became first. And, she barely mentioned she made first chair as she was so excited for her brother.

    My husband and I are both music teachers and this news thrilled us. That one year they were in band together, they would often whistle their parts . It was a year of pride for us.

    I need often to reflect on those years, when my health was better, my children were at home and under my wing and protection. A time when I could try and protect them from the problems that were to lie ahead.

    Lord, I thank you that my children are close, that her guest room becomes his on weekends and the love they have for each other . Such a special gift. My son's ex wife left the family devastated and torn. But God in His ultimate wisdom and timing, has put us back together. Praise.

    Praise God during this Holy Week, that we all take time to remember something good that God has given us. Don't get like me and think too much of the negative things we now face.

    With tears on my face and a song in my heart, God bless each and every one of you.
  2. 143alan

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    I couldn't help but start crying when I read your post. Thank you for reminding us that we did have happier times and that we can still have them now.

    We should be looking forward with hope and expectancy for the glory of God to shine is us all.

    Take care my friend and have a truly blessed Easter.


  3. fromnz

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    Hi Asatrump,
    I know you are facing a hard time & I have gleaned more from this board than from our emails!! My prayers are added to the others that this next week will go well for you, & you will have God's peace as you face those tests etc.
    May we all remember what Easter is all about & the sacrifice God made for us. Our families are so dear to us, I cannot imagine how God felt giving His only Son to die for us!
    As we commit each other into God's hands we can remember His love for us, & know His peace in our hearts.
    Bless you all.
  4. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    for praying with me and for me. Today I reflect that tomorrow is Easter, the glorious resurrection. Heavenly Father please help me to see the bright side of life and make me concentrate less on myself and the negatives. Maybe I am too old to change, but Father please continue to work on me and make me more in your likeness.
  5. bandwoman

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    Thank you for letting us in on some private areas of your life. I think for all of us there is a grieving of the things that we have lost or can't do anymore but there is also the closeness that we can have with each other and the Lord that would never have happened if we were completely healthy.

    There are rich things that happend in these storms that cannot be duplicated any other way than to go through suffering and hard times.

    I sure wish there was an easier way but it just seems to be God's design in His perfect plan.

    Your memory of the kids getting first chair brought back a good memory of my first audition in high school when I got first chair and beat out all the upper classmen. Man, they did NOT like that at all. LOL

    I need to get off of here as my mom needs me right now.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers and I am praying that these awful tests will be over soon and that you can then start thinking of the surgery and getting that over as well.

    I hope you can have a Happy Easter in spite of all of the stuff going on in you and your families lives. I pray that your son in law will be fine as well.

    Take care and I will be back to my email soon as I am going home on Easter.


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