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    Because of this wonderful, chronic condition that I have, my income has been cut to almost half of what it was. In addition, my meds cost upwards of $150.00 a month. My employer's health insurance is $400.00 a month, just for me.

    HOWEVER, when I go to the local Welfare Department, they do not take into consideration the amount of money you pay in medical insurance, or for meds. So, based on my income, WITHOUT medical insurance and meds, I make more than the poverty level.

    So, there you have it. No assistance.

    So now what? Go without health insurance and meds?

    Or go on disability?

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    Did you get a denial letter? If not, ask for one. There is an appeals process- maybe you could appeal the decision.

    There are ways to get medical assistance if you have a diagnosed disability- even if you have medical insurance from your employer. You might be eligible for a medical card with what is called a "spend down." That means you would have to pay so much out-of-pocket and then be eligible for assistance.

    For whatever state you live in, they should have their polieies/codes available online. Did you meet with a "seasoned" worker or a newly hired worker? That can make a BIG difference, too.

    Do we choose food or medication? Housing or medication? What in the *ell is wrong with our system?!!

    Don't accept "no" for an answer without checking into all possibilities or an appeal.

    Good luck,
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    I have been in this delma myself in the past... there are a few hospitals that have clinic programs.. this is for those that do make to much for the state program... they go off , how sever your Med probelms are and how much you make they have serveral tears, depending on how much you make... this has always been a life saver for me.
    Not sure what state you are in.. but in AZ .. Good Sams. has a program like this. check your hospitals for clinic programs.

    its a scary thing I know... I remember my brother .living on disabiltiy .. he even made to much to qlf for state assistance by $100.00 . Sad I know. and he had cancer.

    Best of luck my dear..

    Spirit ~
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    on healthcare reform. I hope that it will pass and that we can end this nightmare.

    And I hope that someday we can treat people applying for disability with more respect, and that we can improve their changes for winning and improve their income. Poverty, plus disability, is just too much to take.

    Good luck! Follow the advice given above.
  5. andreake

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    They will often give you the medication for free or at a reduced price

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