Well 3rd day exercising...somethings going on

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Sheila1366

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    Well I decided to start back to the gym 3 days a week.I think I am gonna have to cut it back to every 3 days til I can get my immune system built up.I woke up this morning with that same old sore throat I had before when FM first hit me.About 2:30 I crashed and had to go to bed.My back and ribs hurt so bad.I called RD.Never heard back from her.I was asking about these cold chills where my body temp. actually drops and then I hurt and get very tired.And I asked about pain meds.What I was taking apparently wasn't helping.I stopped taking it everyday after dr. visit.She said to just take as needed.Well I found out my pain was the same with or without the pain meds.
    I have been very busy as usual.Got a big show coming up next week.Making minature rustic furniture and some other things.
    I am so angry at my body.I love to exercise.I hate that this FM has taken this away from me.I have got to bring myself to believe that I will never get back to where I was before FM but I can atleast do something.
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    I know it is frustrating to all of us to not be able to do waht we used to.. don't over do it.. take it gently and do what you can but don't push yourself too hard. Your limitations are different and you will push yourself into a flare when you over do it. Hugs!
  3. Sheila1366

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    I use to do an hour of cardio and 45 minutes of weight trainng 4 to 5 times a week.I lost alot of weight due to exercise and just loss of appetite.I just have to except that things have changed but I can still do the things I love but in moderation.Today scared me.I just knew I was heading for a big flare.I mean I have pain everyday,but those flares are awful.It scares me even while I am exercising.I wonder if this will put me in the bed for weeks.I am doing much less than I am use too.Good thing my husband went with me today,he put the brakes on me not that I needed much coaxing.My RD strongly recommends exercising.I wonder why that is so important when you have a condition that makes you hurt so much?


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