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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I quick ran and got some more choc. chip cookie mix and made them just for you all. They are all warm from the oven.MMMMMM good !

    Please go back and check for me, Julie , SW and a few others that I can't remember now. Gee, this Porch is so quiet lately. Hope to see some stragalers in here soon.

    Miss you all Elaine, Jole, Linda, Carla, Rock, etc

    Joan - did you make that a recipie of cucumbers with sour cream, onions, etc. I never could find that receipe but I have had it before and it was so yummy. Could you find it and give it to me please. I do not remember if you made it or one of your kids.

    Rock - where are you sweetie? We miss you ! This porch is sooo quiet !! Bye for now. Will try and check in tomorrow. Had spaghetti andmeatballs tonight with salad and garlic bread. The kids ate all the bread, most of the spaghetti and they had carrot sticks. Then of course ice cream sandwiches of course. They were so full. Tomorrow they get to swim in a friends lake, etc.


    Hope I didnpt get caught in the door.
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I could sure use some choc. chip cookies, Granni. Now that I don't eat sugar, I am
    craving sweet things. I've found it's very hard to avoid sugar. It shows up in stuff
    where one wouldn't expect it. Like soup or canned vegetables.
    But, of course, it's very small amounts.

    Had beets for supper. Got some raw ones at the market. Boiled them w/ the
    skin on. They have more textural interest that way. Haha. My brother in Oregon
    has a good sized garden. That's the way he serves his. Saves the work of peeling.

    Glad you're enjoying the grandkids. I love kids, being a very immature person
    myself. But I'd be exhaustenized in just a few minutes. Gee, think of all the
    energy we had when we were kids and could run and yell and play all day.

    "Backward, turn backward, Oh Time in thy flight.
    Make me a child again, just for tonight."

    That's good news about Dad's eyes, Julie. Maybe Keira would like a hat from
    the attic or the thrift shop. I remember when women wore hats. And men too.
    For one of my first jobs I had to buy a hat. Only one I ever bought.
    Half a century ago.

    Well, I've had a full day. Did the dishes, watered the plants, walked Zippy.
    If i ever get a little more energy, I will post more often.

    Hugs to everydobby

  3. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Cannot stop to read right now.

    Last week was full of negative family drama.

    This is nuts.

    Baby is getting her wisdomes pulled this morning. Mom and Dad are with her.

    Sister is with me helping me to pack and move ASAP. The waterline in the apartment above me broke and I got all the water. My place is listed as UNINHABITALBE.

    Will read and post when thins get bak to some semblance of normal.

    Love you!
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    even if he is exhaustinized (not sure of that spelling :)!!!!) Yes, I remember hats well and my girls used to love to try them on along with high healed shoes, etc. Now everything is a gadget of some kind - geez! Glad at least you got a few things done at home. I just drag around and do what I can from time to time. The dussssting and vacuuming seems to be left on the back burner, most of the time

    Julie - I am worn out thinking of you and listening to all you are doing and what you have to do.
    Glad that Den and I think you said Amy was helpful to you yesterday when you got home so late, so you could at least just plop in bed..

    The boys are in golf camp in theis afternoon wil go to a friends home where they can play in the lake. It is so hot . Hope they can take it easy and with the sunscreen keep them from frying. Both are fairly fiar skinning., Both parents were very light as children.

    Hope to see some more Porchies soon.

    Monica - hope youa re doing OK. Miss you !

    You too Elaine Joan, JOle, Carla and awl.

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    and it is almost time for beddy bye. The boys went to golf camp this morning and then after lunch we went to our friends whose house is on the lake. They have been there before eith our friends g kids. However, this year the kids were unable to come. However, theyasked if wanted to come to the lake anyway insteadof having to sit at thehot pool. Well., we went today but cannot do so tomorrow as they have an appointment to go to. I guess I have to sit at the very hot pool and I guess I will have to don my bathsuit for the occasion in case I need to hop in the pool to cool off. Hope I do not burn up there tomorrow as there isno place to hide from the sun.

    Went to one of our favorite restaurants that have fried chicken special on Tuesday. It was really yummy and we ate all of it except some of the veggies/salads. We thought they brought us so much chicken we would have to bring it home but nope - we were piggies. I love friend chicken but I don;t make it and I know it is nlot the best for you but I eat it so little I do not worry. However, it is sooo yummy.

    Geoergia - Sorry to hear about your friend doing worse with her dementia. That is so sad, I know. Hope the injections will keep you going till you are through with that Resort. How interesting that you will be working as a Moderator. Good for you - I would love to ask you for what site are you Moderating but perhaps you are not aloud to tell or feel it best not to do so. Good luck to you on it. I know you will do a good job..

    Teacher - so sorry to hear about the flooding and your having to move out. That is just terrible. I hope the move and all will go well for you. That flooding must have been just swful, Comne back when you can. I am sure things arein a mess rightnow if you can even read this yet.

    Joan - do you have that recipe for sour cream and onion cucs salad? Or was it one of your family members that made it. I have looked for that forever. I have had it before but cannot find the recipe for some reason. Dpo you have to wring out all the salt and water after rinsing or letting it sit in salt for some time? It seems to me that I have read that part someplace.

    SW- Hi there sweetie. Hope you are doing OK after all your hard work.

    Love to everydobby,
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am sitting here typing as I finish eating breakfast. The boys already ate and I have a wash started. DH went out to play golf early with his friend early. Therefore, I have to bring the boys to the golf camp down the road apiece in the subdivison.

    Our friends whose home is on the lake have to go to a dental appt. consultation for her 93-4 yr old father to see what is needed. Therefore, we cannot go to the lake and I have to go to the pool . Don't know how long I can stand it there. I know they will enjoy it though, hot or not.

    Some of you Porchies are going through hard and busy times which is sad to hear about. However, I know we all struggle and do the best we can. You are right JULIE. When does David leave? I know that wil be a very hard timje for Linds and your whole family. However he was lucky to actually be here for the birth and some bonding afterwards. Some service persons don't even get that. Hopefully, that will give Linds some strength to lean on until he comes home. Sheis also so lucky to have you so close by for any help and support. Just knowing you are closeby I am sure is a wonderful feeling to her.

    Teacher - Hope you did not have to much damage of your things to move on to another apartment. That is awful to have all that flooding into your place. Are you the only one that suffered all that flooding damage, do you know. May things get better for you as you move to another place with all of your things. Hope Baby is helping you !!

    Elaine - are you still around :)?? Hope your relataives have left so you can get back to life as normal (whatever that is) !! I know your normal regular life is soo busy anyway without any distractions,. Have you been able to do some fun stuff lately besides doc appts, etc.etc.? Hope to see you soon on the Porch. Things have been so quiet lately.
    Rock - Hope you are feeling a little better and not so dis ca boob ilated !! Remember that word:)?? How is your weather on the left coast (as Mr Dad used to call itl.) ? Has Gordon been cooking any special things lately?I surely could use a cook !!

    Miss so many of our Porchies I hate to start nameing them. They should know who they are and I am to tired to name them ALL. Hope to come back later sometime. Who knows it might be tomorrow.
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  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    good luck for the trip..i understand its going to be an emotional event..and everyone wil
    have to be so strong. Americans are so lucky to have brave young people like David going out
    there to keeo their own country and people safe.

    Georgia - that was a horrible thing to have happen, wasnt it, at the hospice, and the story of our lives, us people suffering with our different ailments. I wish i could just reach out and give a tight slap to that person..I mean there is something called being considerate and polite even if you feel a certain way about someones else disabilities or whatever. I feel this kind of judgemental vibes around my own here too, because its now so well known i dont have much
    energy and go in me and cant keep up with all the other ladies. But Im trying to desensitize myself. Not our fault so therefore, why feel guilty?

    Granni - you seem busy with your g kids over. I too love fried chicken, funny how everything thats really tasty isnt good for us in large amounts. Yes, the Porch has been bit deserted, everybody feeling the summer fatigue. Lets hope more people drop in and say hi.

    Teacher - sorry to hear about all that flooding. I remember it happened to us last year. I hope
    you are dried out now and also that the family drama has calmed down a bit. Never short of excitement, some of us with the family, isnt it?

    Rock - so happy you could pop in for a bit...and good to know you had a full day, doing all the expected chores; I feel such a sense of achievement when my body allows me to fuffill my duties, well sometimes when my body is all right, the mind is not. Its a boon when both work in conjunction.

    Well i went to the dentist again yesterday, since daughter is gone for overnight trip. I feel irritated that they keep finding cavities after cavities and then one has to get them filled.
    And then i think of people who suffer toothaches and get scared to NOT do them. I believe toothache can be the mother of all aches when one gets it bad.

    Tomorrow is going to be crazy just visiting and saying goodbye to people. Today i will wash daughters suitcase and dirty clothes so she wont have to do laundry out there for few days.

    The lights are playing hokey again. Grrr. This time some hydro project is not functioning thats why. Otherwise we have been getting enough rain.

    Love to all, and all MIAs thinking of you guys and sending good thoughts

    God BLess

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just lost a long post to awl. Sorry but I am not writing all that again. All is going well here just getting tired on or more tired should I say.

    Georgia - I just cannot believe about that teacher who was teacahing you all about the Hospice volunteering. I don;t think either that they havae people banging on the door to become a Hospitce volunteer. I would think it would make you a more sensitive person to the patient. I do not see where using a cane would be detrimental in any way - this world is to crazy !!

    Julie - If you are gone believe me we all understand. It will be so hard to stay strong for the family. Lots of tears happening. I also can't see how you can do as much as you do. I would be down for the cound but then you are younger than I but maybe alot stronger too.

    Teacher - Hope things are getting better for you and that the move was good and you saved as much important stuff as you could. Hope you and Baby are surviving and that she is behaving :)! I am guessing you are trying to do lots of sleeping after your move. BTW, when does school start again ?? I know that is a dirty word at this point !!

    Hi to Rock and SW ! Love you both and everydobby else !

    Sorry but I can't write any more right now. Going to the pool or lake, not sure today. It depends on the boys and if conveneitn for my friend. Easier to go to the lake if it works out that way and I donlt havae to put on my suit either. The klids are at golf camp so it is quiet and then it will almost be lunch time again !!

    Elaine - are you still with us :) ! Hope your company has left and you have gotten some chance to rest.

    Love to everydobby,
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for stopping by for a short review of your life as it stands at present. I know what you mean about guests wearing you out . Right now we only have 2 twelve year olds and they are pretty good for 12 yr old boys but it ddisrupts your reoutine, etc. Plus, I am glad I didn't really clean up the room that much before they came. I will have to do more cleaning when they leave-p probably sat. late morning or early afternoon. We may go out to lunch with their parents afterwards. We are not sure of what is going on with the golf thing on Saturday. Right now it is as hazy as mud. I am happy theu decided they were to tired and it was to hjot out to go swimming. So they are vegging out and so am I , at the computer.

    Glad you found a friend that you seem to have a lot in common with and that you can laugh and learn a lot from each other. Keep on having fun, it is about time you did with all the crap you had to put up with besides the ca. deal and everything all together.

    So happy you are doing pretty well and getting back to your good old or should I say young "normal" self whatever that is I know. I know I don't know what the supposed "normal" is anymore.

    Hope the doc's idea of eliminating one of your sleep drugs will helpo with your fatigue or lack of NRG. Let us know how you are coming along.

    Love to everydobby,
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Just dropping by to say hello.

    Elaine - nice to see you. Happy to hear about the new gentleman.

    Have full day today. Feeling bit tired to start. Daughter came back last night. My ma in law and an DHs cousin sis dropped in to say goodbye yesterday but missed her since she was out.

    Today have to visit sis in law to say bye and have lunch at ma in laws. Then some other visits
    and collecting some stitched clothes and knick knacks.

    I offered to make two dishes for ma in law since she told me over phone the help wasnt feeling well. will go start that now.

    You all take care. I know lots of us are down on our energy.

    God Bless
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Boys are at their last day of golf camp. They play a few holes tomorrow. Not sure if they will have anything else in store for them or not. I*t has been so HOT that after camp they didnpt want to go swimming yesterday. We'll see today. If they do want to g swim I will have to go with them and we will have to go to the pool. My friend has appointments so we can;t go to the lake. My daughter and SIL will be here tomorrtow morning to see the kids play. Then we may go out to lunch.

    SW- hope you surv9ive your day. Sounds like you have been and will be pretty busy yesterday and today. Hope all goes well. If you cook some food for MIL make some extra so I can taste it. Your dishes sound so interesting and yummy too.

    Elaine - so glad to hear from you and that you are doing pretty well and having some down time afater your relatives visiting.

    Everydobby please have a wonderful weekend if I am not here, Not sure wht I'll be doing besides trying to rest some. Need to go switch my wash and put in another.

    Love and hugz to awl,
  12. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    It seems that everything is so hectic!!! I guess because I can't do much.

    I don't remember what I said before so bear with me if it is repeat. #1 son came on a Sat; and did some outside chores for me, then he had to come in here to work on the comp. Guess he knew what he was doing.

    The next day (have you seen this before?) #2 son, wife and 2 philippine children came. We went out for lunch, the came here for they were very wild.!! This was the first time since they got here tyhat there was nothing special going on. they are very sweet and so loving. They understand us but we can't understand them very well. I am lola----my last name. If Harley were living, he would be lolo-----. They had spent a week on a houseboat with the whole family (SON'S family) an they learned to love the water and the speedboat. everytime it went out, so did they.

    It is making Mommy------- very tired. she just wrote my daughter that she sees why people don't have children in their 50's.!!!!! That is what she is!!! I don't know how she will manage as sheteaches school. Thata's up to them.

    Then Mon., my friend's son went to Laf. to the hspital. I kept in touch with friends as to how he is doing. I think that it was Wed. night they said that they didn't think he could last through the night. Now for the past 2 days, no one has heard a thing!!!! I KEEP my phones by me. I can't imagine what is going on. I think all sorts of things, none good! I don't want to phone anyone as no one wants to talk or has any info. Makes me so anxious.

    Granni: As for the sourcream/cuke recipe, I just made it up! I just peel and slice the cukes and onions (Vidalia), then put a bunch of Miracle whip and sour cream, salt and pepper and stire it together. Give it a taste and if you thuink you would like more of something, just add it!!! You don'gt want it runny as the cukes moisture will come into it. I suppose you could soak them in salt water, then rinse if off. Probably would work OK. A friend of mine, who since has passed away too young, made the dish for church dinners and H, and I just loved it. So------I made it up. That's what I did when I decided to make lasagna. Except,. the more often I made it, I would add another ingredient---eggs, spinach---until it made so much that I had a flat roaster and an9x9 pan full. I froze that and used the big one for when family came home.

    Why am I so gtired? why are all of you? I have been on FB some to keep trasck of grandkids and some of you. I think that I have been nerv ous by the approaching death of this young man.

    I got on Geni-----a friend was on it----and I had so much fun adding people.!!!! My kids and brother-in-law have joined in but so far,they haven't added annything. this friend says it is addicting and it is!!! I have all of my family tree on it that I know------quite a few so far even t hough I am an only child with only one cousin who disowned me yrs and yrs. ago.

    Sw: Your pictures are so beautiful! I love all the flowers and so many things are so green. Andyour family is beautiful too.

    My eyes are sooooo heavy now and I feel like I might go to sleep here!
    I shall return.

    love you all,

    Blesskings and Gentle Hugs,

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Do any of you remember that, maybe Joan and Rock and perhaps a few others a little younger than us but old enough to !! I think we used to say that after playing Hide and Seek, when you couldn't find the person or people !! Oh my God I can't believe I remember that saying all of a sudden.

    Yes our Porcheis are all disappearing but I know that I have seen some of them on FB too - Joan, Carla , Mickey , Sweet SW, Julie occasionally !! By the way I spoke to Carla and she say hi to all. She misses us but has been busy, Still hasn;t gotten her yard done as of the last time. Also, she hurt herself, a burn I think she said on her arm or arms. I forget exactly but she fell into a hole where there was a fire or something like that. Sorry, but I am not sure I am remembering correctly but she got burned. She is doing OK though she said but she has to take it easy.

    Our boys left this afternoon after the golf mini tourney we went out to a nice Mexican lunch . It was really nice. Then I came home and stripped their beds and put the sheets in the washer. That is my work for the day.

    Julie - Glad all went well with the good bye gathering for all the soldeirs. I am sure it was sad for all and many families there saying goodbyes. I am sure there was lots of emotion going on.. I know it will be very hard for Linds when she is home alone even with the baby. The evenings will probably be the worst time for her.

    Joan - Hi there sweetie. You sound like me I get to posting and then I do not remember where I posted what !! Thanks for your cukes "recipe". I know that cukes hold a lot of moisture and I have seen some recipes that salt it fiirst, forget for how long and then rnce and I think blot dry before adding the sour cream and Miracle Whip. Do you add more MW than the sour cream or visa versa? I have had it to sometime ago and I thought it was very good but haven't been above to reproduce it yet. I am always in a hurry it seems. Sorry to hear about your friend's son who is so ill. That is so terribly sad.

    Well, I am enjoying the peace and quiet even though the boys were really pretty good for 12 year old boys, It is sometimes hard for them to stay quiet. I think after camp and swimmingthey were glad to just vegetate on the bed and watch TV. At home they are always running around and doing something.
    Well everydobby hope you all have a nice quiet weekend

    Georgia - sorry I missed you before the edit. Maybe you were typing at the same time I was. Glad you got some little bargains today. That little alaarm clock sounds cute. Hope it wakes you up in time for work !!! I love yard sales and thrift shopts too but I haven't been out to do any searching lately. IIt has been either to busy, to hot or both. Or no money !

    TTY ALL Later !

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  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Daughters left. Feeling very flat. As can be imagined.

    I saw carla has adopted a beautiful lil black doggie on FB. Didnt know she had hurt herself! Hope she gets better soon.

    Georgia - good to hear from you. Have you not been knitting right now? Or maybe you do that more in winter? Hope you get the spare parts for you car. I really wish i could drive, but too chicken.

    Granni - sounds like you are having a nice down time after the grandkids visit. I can understand. Boys that age would be a handful however good they are. Its nice to have small
    kids over from time to time but it would get a bit tiring.

    Thank u for letting us know about Carla. I had no idea she had hurt herself. I can imagine she must be so busy getting her house together.

    Julie - how quiet it must be without David. Especially for dear Lindsey. She does however, have you and the other family, I know that it cant make up for David not being there for the moment but I hope she and you all will soon settle in and things will run smoothly. Sending out good thoughts and prayers for all of you, I know it must be difficult getting used to him being gone. But human resilience is strong. I pray he will be back in no time at all.

    Joan - I hope you hear about your friends son soon. How nerve wracking to have to wait for news. It was nice to read about the two Filipino children. How excited they must have been!Glad you like the pictures and thank you for the compliment regards my family.

    It rained hard today. But Im glad. We need rain. Feeling so disinclined to do anythng i must be missing my daughter. Her last two days home were so hectic, because she was hurting from the exertions of bungee jumping and water canyoning. But we managed to finish the packing and visiting.

    The power cuts are back in full force and i cant come on the computer when i want to. Today DH snapped at me because i had been too busy to iron his clothes, and he couldnt find anything to wear to office. Lol. I was so busy with daughters preparations, i clean forgot his clothes!

    Love you all

    God BLess

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  15. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Will read and post later. Hnads REALLY tired.

    Thankful I'm dry.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Been a bit busy today, don;t ask what I have done besides going to line dancing this monring. I didnpt do wash as I figured that I would get more tomorrow to make a bigger load.

    Elaine - Happy birthday sweetie. Hope you have a great birthday. You deserve some fun.

    Julie - I remember hanging diapers in the freezing closeline and they would freeze on the line., Then, I would have to bring them in to thaw before I could put them on the baby.

    Was wondering about what a "napper" was but figued out that it was a bouncer seat before I read it. Such wonderul gadgets they have now for mom's and babies. Linds doesn;pt have to worry about frozen diapers yet- unless she decided to put them in the drier when the weather gets bad. Glad you guys could get some system going to help each other with the baby and chores. Yes, you have to be flexible with a little one around. Don;t I know that.

    I am trying to remember who all posted.Geez, what a memory !! Like a sieve like my mom used to say :)!!

    Rock - hope to see you soon my friend. It is dull without you here to get us going.

    Linda - Sorry your post went poof. I have done that fairlyoften lately and it is NOT fun esp when it is a nice long newsy one.

    SW - how are you sweetie. Hope get somemore NRG and your DH got over his grumpiness that day when you didn't iron his shirt or whatever it was. I am sure that you are missing your daughter having to leave again. Yes, it is sad when they leave again when you are close.

    Teacher - I am sure you are to pooped to participate in much after all your moving. Hope it all went well sweetie. Come back when you can and help wake us up here on the Porch.

    Well, it is getting late and almost time to take my beddy bye pills.

    Gee, I couldn;t remember all the Porchies then and NOw that Elaine has mentioned but just wanted to tell everydobby that I love you all !

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hope you have a wonderful b day. As for 44, I stopped counting after i reached 40. Numbers have no more meaning for me, lol, one is as young as one feels.

    Teacher - nice to see you drop in. Hope u get revived soon.

    Julie - dont i know how tiring it must be with little Lorraine and the new mom. My DHs aunt and her daughter is going thru the same thing. They had someone coming into help but unfortunately the girl had to leave, and the days just seems a blur nowadays for them. Its non stop activity once they get up and the day is started. The baby hasnt been sleeping well for one or two days and aunt is so drowsy.

    Linda - urrgh! I am so mad that your post went poof! but happy to see u drop by. Lucie must be quite a little lady now, lol!

    Granni - I was looking at your profile pic again on FB and cant get over how young u look.
    Has the work in the bathroom wrapped up?

    Im still not feeling too energified, but not that bad either. I probably can get a few things done today. DH has gone on an overnight work trip. So son and i can get the tv to ourselves now in the evening.

    My daughter has reached safe n sound. She phoned and we were so relieved. She knew an ex student of her uni who works in town and he went and picked her up at the airport so there was no fuss with taxis and all. Which was a relief. I know she is sore from her outdoor activities in Nepal and aching when she left here.

    I went to a book fair yesterday and was immediately accosted at the door by a Indian
    stall exhibitor who swooped me away to his bookstall and luckily the books he had were
    what i was looking for. They were all on spiritual growth, and life issues. And oh so cheap
    because he was introducing them for the nepali market. I bought about five paper backs.
    among them Happiness by Mathieu Ricard, a Buddhist monk who resides in Nepal when he is not accompanying HH Dalai Lama or doing some work in his native France.

    Its been raining a lot and the dogs are peeing in the house, i am spending my time trying to swob up the puddles and stave off urine smell. Ugh!

    Ive been talking about it, but never got around to going and getting my grey roots covered
    at the salon so i think maybe i have to do that.

    I use henna and i have to tell them one day in advance so they can soak the henna overnight - that way it gives more stronger colour.

    Well, everyone hugs and waves

    God Bless

  18. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I shall be back on the new vol. Wish I knew how to do it.


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