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    I want to share what has made me well after so long in hopes that it may help someone else. Apparently when I was 37 yrs. old, I developed an allergy to coffee without knowing it. My immune system was affected. I caught almost everything that was going around and suffered with it twice as long as anybody else. I had brain fog and debilitating weakness that came and went. The killer of this story is that I would drink more coffee to give me more energy which was only making it worse. I've tried many, many supplements but the only thing that has really helped all these years were weekly B-12 injections. I quit drinking coffee because of stomach discomfort. It took two weeks and I suddenly began to lose the brain fog and I can sleep again without meds. Good luck to all of you.
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    I come from a long line of people who are real coffee hounds--they can't function until they have a cup of coffee in the morning and they have coffee throughout the day. But I don't drink coffee at all and don't enjoy it and I drink tea and enjoy tea. Even to this day, my brother wakes up and is a zombie until he has his cup of coffee, whereas I function upon waking.

    I'm the person who likes raspberry herbal decaffeinated tea, and many more. Starbucks never sees me.
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    Hi brOnwyn - I used to drink between 20 and 30 cups of coffee per day. I can't even imagine that now. I quit drinking coffee 23 years ago when I discovered that it was the caffeine that was causing my health problems at the time. I didn't get CFS until four years later so I doubt there was any connection to it and caffeine.

    Amazingly I could sleep with absolutely no problems all the while drinking that much coffee. Now, if I have a pepsi or coke, my heart pounds, I'm wired, and I get very little, if any, sleep at all that night.

    The biggest change for me after quitting drinking coffee was that I gained 40 pounds. Before that I could eat and eat and never gain an ounce. I was always skinny.

    Glad to hear that you are well now.