well i am a step closer to registering for college classes

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  1. 69mach1

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    took my tests for placement in english ..results were what i needed...the math however, was another story...i can't remember algebra and geometry form the early early eighties...

    i haven't needed to use this stuff since then....i have a calculator for real estate..so that is easy...but for goodness sake they only allowed calculators for people taking a chemistry test or calculus...out of my league right now..

    but i have a start...i pry i make it through to what my goal is...dental hygiene..program...then when in the program i will tough it out....

    but if the doesn't work radiology tech...less math involved...then money will be pretty good to start out at..then we will see about the physical stuff...

  2. rockgor

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    Hope it all works out for you.
  3. kellygirl

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    I went back when I felt well enough. Night classes p/t. My son followed me and he graduated as a computer tech. He didn't know what he wanted to do, so it was worth it to me. We took classes together! It was neat! I will always cherish those memories. Half the students were my age, and half were his age.
    Anyway, I got my degree in Adm. Med. Asst. because I could not tolerate 2 Accounting semesters. I walked out of the first frustrated and went back and got a B. I switched to 2 semesters of clinical, which is easier for me. So, instead of Office Mgt., I am an Adm. MA. I work home health and work on my home business while at work. LOL
    I just had to have a degree to feel more complete and I received the computer skills I needed. I felt I was being left behind, not knowing the computer. I felt complemented when the teacher would expect us to be able to do the difficult programs on the computer. I loved the challenge!
    I tried office work after graduating, but ended up in a stressful, bullying environment. I ended up back in the field I started out with, but only am trying to establish my home-based business now.
    So, go for it! Someone told me that 4 years from now, you'll say to yourself, "I could've been graduated by now", if you don't try. (It took me 4 years for a 2 year degree).
  4. CockatooMom

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    I'm SO PROUD of you! I'm so glad you shared your news.

    Let me tell you from experience, don't worry about the algebra! When I was in high school (many moons ago) I barely passed algebra and geometry. My parents had a tutor come over every week to help.

    When I took my placement tests, I scored below average on the math too. I had to take a pre-algebra class before I could take regular college algebra. I got an "A" in both classes.

    This is the key: When you register for classes, pick the algebra class that has the best "teacher." Our school has algebra teachers that go fast and don't explain things, and has a couple that will work with you until you "get it."

    Don't take math in your first semester. Ask around when you start your other classes, and find out from the students who teaches us algebra challenged students most effectively. Our school also has an algebra tutor that I went to as needed.

    You will do FINE! If I can do it, you can too! Keep up the good work and following your dreams! I'll be right here with you going through it to. We can support eachother!

    Have a great day sweetie!

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    after being out of school for 41yrs. i wanted to go to college,i always had but one thing or another kept me away,in 2005 i took the accuplacer and did good in evrything,except math,so i was allowed to go on a partial exceptance meaning by the 3rd semeter i needed to take that damned accuplacer for math again,you have 3 chances,well 1st on i got a 20,secound igot a 78,you need an 80 to pass,so 3rd time iwasn't mentally ready but had to take it to get full adminstion,i failed,so they set me up with a contract to take math for the summer course if i pass i'll be full admidited,glad i don't get tested on spelling, i'm just taking up "time and space" right now don't really know what i want to be when i grow up,i take all on-line courses since its hard to get out sometimes. good luck janet