Well, I am coming "out of the closet" more at work

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    Hi, Everyone:

    I am going to start acupuncture treatments next week for my FM. I know people have had mixed results from this treatment, but I figure at this point I have nothing to lose. I am fortunate in that my insurance will cover it only because the doctor's office is going to bill it as "injections" and not "acupuncture". I do feel it is being kind of deceitful, but at this point I guess I really don't care. We all know how much pain we are in and how desperate we are for any relief. I go once a week for six weeks. My husband is going to drive me since the doctor's office is an hour away and I am still trying to work full-time.

    I work as a secretary for a small college in Michigan and really like my job here. I decided to be upfront and honest about why I need to take some time off each week so I told them I was going for weekly pain treatments. I figured that anyone who was interested would ask me more about it. So far two people have and they were both understanding about it. The one had heard of FM, the other had not.

    I am finding it a little scary to tell people the truth about what I have been going through (only a few people here know-mainly other secretaries I am friends with). But I figure since I don't miss very much time that no one should question if I can do my job or not. I do feel that unless I improve that eventually I will apply for disability. I am currently also on the guaifenesin program so am hopeful that in time this will also help.

    Sorry this is a little long, but just needed someone to talk to who really understands.

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    Hi Ellen~~Three years ago I was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease with 3 discs completely degenerated, 2 bulging discs, a herniated disc, 2 shattered vertebrae, neck/shoulder nerve & disc problems, and several other things wrong with my back. I also have FM/CFS, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, IBS, and severe asthma/allergies.

    Out of sheer pain and desperation, I went to a Clinic in Oklahoma City that did electrical acpuncture. Every other day for one month I had a 15 minute treatment. Along with the acpuncture, they put me on some high quality Chinese herbs/vitamins. The results were AMAZING!

    By the 3rd week I had no pain whatsoever anywhere. My psoriasis cleared up; my skin felt like silk; no IBS, and no asthma problems. It was incredible.

    I believe with all my heart & soul that if I had been able to stay there and continue with the treatments that I wouldn't be in the physical mess I am now. But, I had to come back to Montana and get back to work. They don't have electrical acupuncture anywhere close to where I live.

    I am phobic of needles, but it didn't hurt at all. I couldn't even tell when he put them in--except for the one he put in my ear, and that didn't really hurt.

    I really encourage you to go for the acupuncture, and I hope you have as great results with it as I did.

    May God Bless You REAL GOOD! Carol.....
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    I'm a doctoral candidate at a university and I haven't told any of my dissertation committee about my Chronic Fatigue. I've struggled to stay on track and have been able to. It's really hard to judge what they'll say or what I'm more concerned about what they'll think.
    Telling friends has also been hard. I struggle with anxiety and depression which I believe is strongly linked to my CFS and it makes it difficult to explain. Just wanted to say you're very brave.
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    I finally told my employeer / principal of the school where I was a counselor, after I was finally diagnosed with CFIDS and FMS. This was after missing about 3 months of work two different times within 6 years, and missing many days off for being sick. And all the other stuff that goes on with us..........having to leave work early, etc. In spite of all that I have excellent evaluationa for my performance at work, got along well with the teachers and students loved me. However, within a month of telling them, and then got sick again, they were very quick to tell me they thought I should go on disability. No desir there to work with me on being disabled. They just wanted to wash their hands of me and my problems. I know I could have done something about it, according to the disabilities act, but I did not have the strength to do anything.
    So, my advice is to proceed cautiously with your employer.

    Good luck,