Well I got denied..got my letter today

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  1. Carlacat

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    I applied in Oct and rec letter today. It says I am able to walk, stand and move about without any help, and I can use my arms and hands for basic grasping and handling. Althought I have difficulty at times, I am able to see, hear, communicate, remember, and understand basic instructions and do my usual dailey activities. So on..So on..Now whats my next step..lawyer?? These people are a joke.
  2. darlamk

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    Hi Carlacat, don't feel bad....most people get denied the first time & you are right - the whole process is a joke! Be sure to right your appeal (like their letter explains) ASAP & get any new medical records to them. If you haven't seen your Dr lately I would get into him too - for more documentation. Have your family, friends, ex coworkers, write letters about how this has impacted your life and the changes you have had to go through. I did not retain an attorney until my 2nd denial but I would see what people suggest in your state. I recently found out I was approved after my hearing in Sept. So far I haven't seen any $ but I should get about a years worth of back pay. I also think my mental health therapist helped my cause with her letter aobut how I developed depression from my loss of job, lifestyle changes, etc. Good luck!!
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    I'm guessing everyone here must know about this and I'm not advertising or selling, honest.

    from "A Practical Guide to Persevering and Winning Your Chronic Pain/Fatigue Disability Case" by Scott Davis, Esq:

    "Lesson #1: If your case is based on fibromyalgia, the SSA may approach it as if you have primarily a psychological disorder"

    This booklet is available from National Fibromyalgia Partnership, Inc. at www.fmpartnership.org

    You might want to go to the official disability page and look at the chart of the process; it is a three year process for far too many.

    Hope I haven't violated any posting rules...aaack!


  4. Carlacat

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    and also put a call in to my lawyer. Thanks
  5. contessa

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    The reason I fought so hard for my LTD was to have the funds to make end meet while I'm fighting the SSDI battle. I am going to take a few weeks off from fighting the systems and just veg - then back into battle. Hope your attorney works fast and successfully!! Sometimes I wish I could just sit back with a stiff drink and relax - but with the med cocktail already in me I'd be carried out on a gurney. Enjoy your day anyway - next time you'll be the winner!!
  6. amymb74

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    They gave the same reasons and they didn't say so but my lawyer said my age had a lot to do with it (I was 22) I won on my 3rd try with a lawyer - don't give up, appeal. Good luck to you. Amy
  7. allhart

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    ha it sounds just like one of my denial letters write your congressman before your next apeal mine just wrote me a letter of support and told me if that didnt help there office will get more involed,i applied in july 2001 they told me at my interveiw i should have no promblems because of all my condtions,yeah right i just went in front of the alj who wouldnt even look at any new evidance or talk to witnesses!
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    But I know you are on this board a lot & have read a lot of posts that say "Yay, I got my approval today!!!"----so when we all say to you, KEEP FIGHTING (!!!) you know that it IS possible to prevail in the end!! I've not been thru this process but so many here have & can give you help & advice on your next step----I can just tell you not to give up & hopefully be supportive (and maybe the first one to cheer when you eventually DO win).

    Hang in there!

  9. Rosetta

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    Carla dont give up. My lawyer told me that usually you get turned down twice and your best chance is at the hearing. I would get a lawyer asap. SSA limits the amount of money the lawyer gets. I know how disapointing it is to get a denial letter. Hang in there and keep fighting. Send letters to every politician you can.
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  10. Kathryn

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    I applied in August and, except for two truck loads of forms, I have not heard a word from them. I would have thought that they would at least have sent me to a doctor by now. I guess that in my case they are going to wait until the last possible day and then deny me. Good luck and don't give up the fight.
  11. Tree75

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    (This should help you)
    I have SSI, and it took me 3 times to get it.
    Just re apply again now, and then again. They do that to everyone the first time, and sometimes the second.
    The pay is awful for me. I only get 450.00 a month. It's hard to pay all my bills, and get supplements. So I called them, and asked about SSDI. The woman told me to get a documentation of medical records, and they should increase my monthly balance. Especially now that I take a S*%T load of supplements that are about 30 bucks a month alone.
    I also have health insurance, and food stamps from the state as well.

    So, keep your chin up. It'll happen.
    Take care, and good luck!

    Tree :)
  12. cece

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    I rec'd my SS ok & wrote about it a few mos. back (late Sept, mid Oct??). Check it out. It's all about what you get your doc to write. The terminology is crucial!

    You need to get close to your social worker or whatever your local system calls 'em. YOu get nice ones like I did, & they make all the diff. Was clued that if your 50-ish, combined w/ the stress (and every doc using that term in any way in their reports), your chances for a yes go up. Examples: "Anxiety" gets a no; "PTSD" gets a yes. "FMS" gets a no; "CFS' gets a yes.

    And, so what if you get a 'psych' SSDI - it's an approval, and this stuff DOES make ya' a little nutsy at times!

    Good Luck!
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  13. tandy

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    So sorry of your denial~But don't give up!!! I get SSI,I was denied once-I appealed that and won the second time around.I had to go before a judge but it did'nt take but 15 minutes or so.I was represented by a legal aid rep. since I was considered low income at the time.(free of charge!)So don't give in...thats what they'd like you to do!It'll take time but you'll get it most likely.
    Good luck!
  14. evileva

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    They must of mailed out our letters at the same time. They denied my SSDI too. So now it's time to bring in the lawyer. lol They talked to two doctors, both of whom I had only seen twice. They never talked to my primary care physician, ( the one that I have seen for 12 years and that diagnosed me with this DD.) I don't know where these people get off acting the way they do, after all we are the ones that paid into Soc. Sec.. but hang in there and let me know how you are doing.
  15. cece

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    It does take awhile - as I've written before - it's all about the terminology. If you claim FMS, they'll more than likely deny it. You somehow need your doc(s) to talk about stress & how it impinges on your ability to work (exacerbates pain, etc.), you psych can write a report bringing up how stress inhibits your sleep, etc. If you're in your 50's, that'll help, too. Apparently, the SS folks figure that we "old hags" are a definite candidate when we're all 'stressed' out (of course, much of the stress is because they're messing with our benefits!).

    G.L. Cece
  16. Debs63

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    Get a free lawyer thru Legal Aid...it took me 2 1/2 yrs before I got my SSD...they gave me total SSD for life.

    I just wish I got a lawyer right off the bat!

    They always denie everyone the first 2 times...the 3rd is always a good sign.

    Doctors are the ones who really help you or break you.

    I have a copy of what they judge used by my docter that helped me.[This Message was Edited on 12/30/2002]