Well, I got turned down by Soc Sec Disability a 2nd time...

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  1. Bellesmom

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    and I'm not surprised as I have no resources to be able to visit all the doctors I need to (for help AND for assistance in getting the disability).

    We make just a little too much to quality for help and what not. The money we need to keep my husband alive to work (prescriptions and health care even tho he's on medicare) makes it impossible for me to seldom if ever get to a doctor. I need to go more than once to a doctor to get any ongoing help but just cannot afford it. I have been advised on this message board by different people to try different things but none of them apply to my situation.

    I am not sure I will try to go before an Administrative Law Judge unless I can get someone in the medical field who will really back me (need $$ before 60 days - looks pretty dim. I continue to worsen in my symptoms (CFIDS and Fibro) and while I get "down" I am not depressed. Maybe if I was depressed I'd be able to get on the disability, huh?

    Thanks for listening. I read many of your comments and opinions but nothing really ever seems to apply to/for me with the exception of the Benadryl for sleep - that did help.

    I spend most of my time in bed since my body won't cooperate to stay up - my fatigue is overwhelming and the pain is pretty bad all of the time. I guess I am just disappointed for myself and the many who visit here who just can't seem to get help from Social Security. No, I don't have a lawyer.

  2. Mikie

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    Almost everyone gets turned down twice and then it has to go for a hearing. I'm now two years past when I originally filed and waiting for SS to reschedule my hearing.

    Getting an atty costs nothing unless you win. Mine did ask for $50 up front for admin. costs, which seemed reasonable for stamps, phone time, copies, filing, etc.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Bellesmom

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    Thanks, Mikie -

    It did help for you to reply and remind me that I am not alone. I know I am not but sometimes since I rarely can leave the house I feel pretty isolated.

  4. JannyW

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    ... and I also tried to get Social Services benefits. Because I have in IRA account, they denied me benefits. I've had no income since July, and my hearing may not be until late summer. I'm trying to work part-time, but don't think I'll last very long ... after the first day of working I spent a whole day in bed.

    Some doctors will work with you on payment if you explain your situation to them. As long as you give them something every month they will generally leave you alone. It's worth asking about anyway.

    Keep your chin up :)

    Jan ^v^
  5. DavidTeer

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    My wife has fibro at age 53. She tohas been turned down twice. We have little money too and no insurance.
    I wok full time but it takes all I have to take care of Gee and get meds for her. As for finding a doctor you can call a local hospital and tell them your situation and ask them to refer you to a rheumotoligist. explain that you have no money and they wil wortk with you. you may have to call several doctors but i am sure you will find one. good luck and don't give up
  6. basket21

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    I have seen advertisements in the classified for people needing help and don't have a lot of money to spend. The say they can help with Workerman's Compensation, unlawful dismissal etc.
    They have contacts to help them with. Would any group like this help you? I guess it doesn't hurt to find out.
    If they can't help maybe they know of some people who can.
    Another idea is some lawyers give a free hour the first visit.
    Probably call the Bar Association and they could tell you which lawyers have this free hour.
    Hope this helps you Bellesmom........Regards.......basket21
    PS.. I am glad that the Benedryl helped you to sleep. It helps me so I recommended it. Apparently only 25% of us with FM will get help with it. See, that's something positive, right?
    Later...........basket21[This Message was Edited on 03/01/2003]
  7. bubblegum

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    If you need an attorney I know of a great one that visits another message forum. His name is Jeff Rabin and he travels all over the country representing people with SSDI. If he can't help you he will help you find someone that can. His toll free number is 1-888-529-0600. If you want to read some of his posts on SSDI you can type his name and clouds in search on google. You can ask him questions for free if you want. Just remember his name and the word clouds and you will find him. Good luck.