well i took my symptom list to the family doc

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  1. marsupialmama

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    and she asked if she could keep it in my file!

    the secretary asked beforehand what I was there for, and she is cool so I told her. So she wrote "fibromyalgia??" in the chart. So much for being subtle!! But she also told me that the doctor treats several patients with FM - which told me that the doc wouldn;t pooh-pooh it...

    so she took an ARMFUL of blood (7 vials. is this a record?) to check for a bunch of auto-immune things. she changed the pain meds and explained her approach -she tries NSAIDs first, then anti-depressants in small doses, then narcotics - but we both agreed that we don't want to go there... The NASAIDsdidn;t help much so now I;m onto the anti-ds, but in very low dosage. If it works it will help with pain and sleep.. and one other thing. I forget what. gah!

    I didn't mention the internet, as suggested. But I mentioned the naturopath and she said she believes in naturopathy. That was a huge relief. For the first time ever I feel like I might have the beginnings of a health care TEAM!

    She mentioned tender points too and poked around along my spine, but nothing really hurt. I should be glad about that.She's waiting for the blood test results and may refer me to a rheumy.

    so I feel a little more hopeful.. she understood that it is affecting my quality of life, she accepted the big fat symptom list and seems to want to follow through on things.

    Colour me impressed. and grateful. and a wee bit hopeful.

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    Congratulations! I know I was relieved when I found the right doctors. It was quite a job. It is so nice when they know what fibromyalgia is and can treat it.

    It is always good to hear a 'good doctor' story.

  3. Redwillow

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    I am so glad your appointment went well. I think the first couple of times I found a doctor who actually listened to me and believed in FM I was in shock for days afterwards!

    hugs Redwillow
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    So glad to hear a positive result with a new doctor,,, so they really are out there.
    Gives me hope I will find one too, You must be over the moon, these things don't happen everyday!
    Enjoy being supported from a doctor, it'll make life a whole lot easier to deal with.
    Am so happy for you.
  5. marsupialmama

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    I am in a bit of a daze too, after years of being brushed off by docs. It may help that the doc is of the same faith as me, and we have several mutual friends. I always hope that people will be professional regardless of faith and background, but I just got so tired of docs that I decided to pull some community strings this time...

    One pint of blood... LOL. We went out for dinner last night (at DDs high school, a student fundraising type things). There was *one* mosquito in the room and of course it flew around MY head and feasted from MY ankle. <itch scratch itch>. No fair, I already had blood taken!!

    I hope everyone finds a "listening" doctor, and soon.