Well it'a 3:30 a.m. again...

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    and here I sit at my keyboared as usual. Unable to sleep for many. First and fatmost, the paain of thid DD. Secondly, I am nervous about my dentist appt. today, they are going to put me sleep, so they can pull out the rest or my 13 bottom teeth (the ones my transmuscle fentenayl painkillers)dudn/t get to firstt.
    I am now going on ,u thrid day of cats naps, betwween the pain from thr fms, and the pain grom my trrth.

    Please widh me well, amd sat afew extrs ppraters for memm I think I know I will neeeeed all of thee suppoort I can grt from evertonr pitt threr,As you can trll "fibrofog" sraring to takr ovrt/

    Thankd in advnced your your well wishes, prayers, abd kind thoughts. And thanks for reading my jibbidh, Your truely tired, and frightend friend
  2. Good luck, it sounds like you will be in alot of pain, 13 teeth pulled YIKES! Best of luck with your healing.
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    Trust that the dentist will take care of you.You will need a lot of rest and with good pain medication maybe that will happen.After its over relax and take care of yourself.Let us know how things went. Lana56
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    I'll take sleep any way i can get it...i had the best sleep when they knocked me out for a coloniscopy!!

    I you feel better soon
  5. Momskelleygirl

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    for all the good wishes. I reallly needed them. As for the sleep, I also, need that despertly. ASfor the pain meds. got that one covered.

    Sso here I am about to imbark on the dreadfl trip to the dentist.
    Bad news my medicaid doesn't pay for my dentures, good news, my mediacal part of my medicaid has a social worker who is workering with me t get denture donated, so wish me luck wirh getting both to and bottom set of dentures soon.

    thaks for all of the well wishers, and the love recieved from this board.

    Well one good thing, since it takes 2-3monthhs to get fitted for dentures, I should be able to lose some more weight (since I will probally be on a soft food or liquid diet).

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