well just another day here in fibro land

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    Hi everyone , Hope your doing better than yesterday. Not sure if I am or not as its 4:24 P.M. and I'm still in my P.J.s. Just can't seem to get a handle on anything today. My 8 yr old Grand daughter stayed overnight last night and another one is coming tonight. Not sure if I'm up to it but I've already told them I'm not up to doing much so to bring something from home and plan on watching alot of T.V. I've also had alot of company ,one friend came to pick up some fabric for a quilt she is making and another one came to use the phone. then my printer starting acting up and was shooting sheets of paper out at me.It always seems that these little interuptions are so hard to recover from.Sometimes I wish they would leave me alone so thatmaybe I/d be able to get something done. But it probably would'nt be any different and I really do enjoy seeing them Well enough of this .Just wanted to talk awhile .Thanks for listening. God Bless ,Danisue
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    Enjoy having your grandchildren around! I bet they are just thrilled to spend time with you, even if it is only watching TV. Get out some popcorn and hot cocoa and have fun.

    Happy New Year! Lisa
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    Hi Lisa, Thanks for stopping by to say Hi. yes I do enjoy having the grandchildren over it sure keeps my mind busy and they are so much fun.Unless I'm having a hard day ,it great. The little one that was surpose to come tonight did'nt ,so I fell asleep from 5:30P.M. until 7:p.M. and then I got up and cleaned some of my house.
    My r-hand is hurting alot but I am out of my methotrexate and I can't get ahold of the Doctor until tomorrow,if then. I can only hope she will be in her ofc on the 2nd.Well I guess thats really today. Lose track of time.I probably should'nt have done as much as I did but ya know how it is when you feel in the mood. I have a care giver that comes today but last week she did'nt show up and I did'nt want to take a chance on it happening again.
    Well I'll say goodnight or is that goodmorning LOL not sure but it
    s bed time that much I do know. Not much I really am sure of but tired I know that LOL.By for now .God Bless Danisue.