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  1. LongStruggle

    LongStruggle Guest

    I know where some of the big name people are, but I haven't figured out all of them. Your help would be appreciated.

    Montoya - CA
    Peterson - ??
    Brewer - ??
    Levine, Susan - NY
    Guyer - Indianapolis, IN
    Lerner - Detroit, MI
    Lapps - Charlotte ?? NC
    Bell - Lyndonville, NY
    Enlander - NY
    Klimas - FL
    Bateman, Lucille - Utah ???
    Pocinki, Alan - ??
    Cheney, Paul - Asheville, NC

    Please fill in the blanks. And please add any doctor that you are familiar with that follows some of the latest protocols.
  2. rubycshells

    rubycshells New Member

    Any suggestions for Canada as well?
  3. WhatHappen

    WhatHappen New Member

    Spanos, Alan - Dr Chapel Hill, NC
  4. nancyann62

    nancyann62 New Member

    Dr. Daniel Peterson is in Incline Village, Nevada. His waiting list is six months to one year. nancyann
  5. ephemera

    ephemera New Member

    I think Pocinki is Washington, DC.

    I'm confused as to how your "big name" list is composed -- are you thinking of docs who see patients, docs who do research, or a combination of both?

    best thoughts to all
  6. LongStruggle

    LongStruggle Guest

    I'm looking for a clinician and if they do research that is a bonus. If they don't do research, then they are familiar with a lot of it and are following some of the latest protocols.
  7. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    To the best of my knowledge, here's where some on your list are located:

    Peterson--Incline Village, Nevada

    Brewer--Kansas City, MO

    Lapp--Charlotte, NC

    Bateman--Salt Lake City, Utah

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