well mine's lyme for sure now!!!

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    I just got my blood work back today and its very highly positive for Lyme disease... fibromyalgia *duh*.... ya'll I'm gonna say something to each of you...
    In your hearts, you know something is* wrong with you... each of you as I did so I know.....
    well practicing medicine is just that, a practice not an exact science... it would behoove everyone here to remind their docs of that...
    when you aren't satisfied, keep looking....
    there are lots of answers out there but I Do understand full well, how this system takes your money til you don't have any then* and only then are "they" satified to actually tell you what is the matter and how much it's gonna cost to fix it....
    interesting... yep... unethical treatment.... I've certainly had my fair share and someone else's too..
    Keep looking ya'll.... I promise you have something wrong with you!!! *duh* what a concept... that something is what CAUSES fibromyalgia.... the sooner the docs wake up.. the better everyone feels!!!
    Good luck ya'll!!!!!!
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    Hi, I am dx with lyme on again off again,pretty sure since expert said had no doubt have lyme. Also worse case of fm they had seen. Plus cfids. I have done so much research and studies the jury is still so out on advanced lyme. 10 yrs. plus misdiagnosis. This is very diff. to treat to the ever changings sphrirochetes and progression also that after reading so many who have spent everything just to go back to square 1. What are your docs. suggestions? My insurance now has no one who knows what to do. My daughter lives outside of Charleston was going to College of Charleston till she got ill,she has alot of my symptoms, only milder like when I first became ill. Let me know how you are doing? Hugssss and blessings we have a long road ahead.

    Have you checked the lyme net?
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    dlizard this is unreal to be quite frank. How long have you been dealing with all of this? I am real curious about that. I mean here we are all thinking that this is Fibro only to find out that we have Doctors' not doing every bit of testing that they should. Unless I don't know does it just not show up too often or does it have to be in a certain stage. I have seen this alot on the board about them being close in symptoms but I haven't done too much search into it actually. I guess maybe i should. I have since this all began with me swore there is more to my problems then just it being chronic pain and fatigue. I have just hit wall after wall. I guess the search is still on with me for sure now.
    I wish you the very best of luck and i pray things get better for you.