Well. My PCP has suddenly left and I prob. have pneumonia.

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  1. pearls

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    My PCP is the doctor who saw me all the way through all the tests and procedures until I had a diagnosis. Today, I realize I probably have pneumonia and a sinus infection. However, when I called my doctor, the receptionist - whom I don't even recognize - tells me my doctor has "Left the area," and she doesn't know where he is! I've heard of doctors dismissing their patients, but I didn't think this would happen so suddenly! Now what?! I want to cry...

  2. coyote

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    a strange situation.
    I would call your state medical board and report him.
    If you really think you have pneumonia, maybe you should go to an emergency room.
    All these stories on the news about this new pneumonia or flu are pretty scary.
    Good luck.
  3. pearls

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    I've made arrangements for getting my sleep meds from my pain doc, who wasn't there yet, but "who would want me to get another primary care physician right away." Yeah, right. Well, he may call later. Meanwhile the lady there said the same thing - that I should betake myself to the emergency room. I'm about to do that, having gathered up what papers I could (ANOTHER ANECDOTE RE: THE NEED FOR KEEPING OUR OWN COPIES OF ALL OUR RECORDS - maybe I'll write about that under a new title).

    Anway, I'm going to go by my regular - former - doctor's office on the way. My pretext will be to make arrangements to get my papers, but maybe I can find something out. They weren't even courteous enough there to help me in any way. My appropriate specialists' offices were very sympathetic (aside from being cautious, lest I be a pill seeker, I'm sure), and tried to give me a hand as best they could. Now I'm mad!

    Update later,
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    I had the exact same thing happen to me!!! In January~
    I was sent a letter saying that my Dr. has left the area and no further information was available.So if you have a sceduled appointment with him....basically ya don't anymore!!(i"m still pissed!)he was the one that helped me out alot over the years~ I don't think thats right! To just be dropped!! I think we should get a notice before hand. I'm looking now for a new primary~ I did sign on with another Dr. in the same group.(for now,I"m not sure I'll like him.I've heard some bad about him~)
    Good luck to us both. I feel sorry for you~Like I said,This way of "leaving" is not right!!! Leaves us high&dry~ Hope your feeling better~
  5. pearls

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    I'm sorry for anyone who has had to go through this, but there are worse things, I guess, than what I experienced today. I decided to go back to my doc's office to make sure he was, indeed, gone. Well, he was. I asked for my records and they gave me a paper to sign and said they'd have them in a few days. The main receptionist then asked if I'd like to see his partner.

    Well, I asked if the problem had anything to do with a rift in his office, like a dispute with his partner. They replied that it was some kind of personal problem my former doctor had, something apart from anything or anyone in the office. So, I said I'd like to see the partner as soon as possible.

    I waited for awhile and was finally ushered into the examination room. My goodness! The doctor gave me an astonishing amount of time, considering what had happened to his partnership - he went through my records carefully, asking questions as he sorted my papers to his liking. Now here's where it gets interesting - and I'm going to write a new message to this board under a separate heading to tell about it, since it is good information to know:

    To make a long story short, I said I feel exactly how I felt in November when I had both a sinus infection and pneumonia. He examined me but didn't find enough to warrant an antibiotic. However, I thought maybe he didn't hear me earlier when I had volunteered that I had two sputum specimens in my purse. I asked again, "Would it help to see my sputum samples from this morning, one from my sinuses and one from my throat? I double-wrapped them and kept everything on the outside antisceptic."

    Well, this time he said, "Yes." Out they came - and as soon as he took one look, out came the prescription pad for my antibiotic. That old boy scout motto really works! I'm a happy woman.

    Hugs all around (soft of course),
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  6. tandy

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    Persistance! You were one step ahead!Alright!!
    Glad you have the antibiotics.....now rest,and get better~
    I have two small kids home sick,its been a week~Although thy're fevers are down now,they still have no appetite,the coughing is almost non-stop here!and one has a constant flow of "greenies",nasal discharge.....green!
    I bring thios up because like you Pearl,I brought them last week to their Drs.and he did'nt feel they needed an antibiotic!(he said it was croup and more of a viral thing~)
    Well its still here........does'nt green bugers mean infection??
    Anyone know for sure??
    Thanks so much gang!
  7. coyote

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    I am glad that you had a good outcome to this situation and that you're back on track again. I hope you feel better soon.
  8. Bellesmom

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    antibiotics more than ever now because infections are so resistant to most of them, even if green and all that.

    What with this "new" pneumonia coming out of Asia we'll be lucky if there's anything to treat it with - I understand there is nothing that can touch it as of yet. Now isn't that scary?

    That's just a thought.

  9. PatPalmer

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    There are several natural things which act as a natural Antibiotic like Garlic, Echinacea & Olive leaf Extract, which can work on all viral and bacterial infections without harm, - unlike Antibiotics which do.
    My daughter has Mycoplasma Pneumoniae and OLE recently prevented her from pneumonia and my stepson from bronchitis.

    I don`t just rely on the quacks any more!!!!

    Nice to hear a good result though, well done.

    Love Pat.
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  10. pearls

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    I am very much aware of the problems with antibiotics. They've been over-prescribed, for sure. If a doctor feels pressured and wants to keep a patient, he will too often prescribe antibiotics even for people with viruses. Even worse, it has been a common practice in the animal farming business to use antibiotics to insure more growth and to save money on losses. All of this adds up to resistant bacteria. We all pay the price as bacteria become harder and harder to combat because of this resistance.

    In my case, I was indeed seeking antibiotics. But, you see, in November my pneumonia and sinus infections were proven by X-ray and CT scans. I've had several other X-ray and CT scan-proven sinus infections, as well. My current infections felt exactly like the ones in November AND I had some "interesting" excretions.

    Boys and girls:) this is where it gets gross. You have been warned. The one from my sinuses was very difficult to dislodge. I used saline lavage with about one cup of saline solution and it didn't work. I had to make all kinds of nasty noises before it finally appeared - about 1 inch long, bloody, extremely dense, and greenish. The specimen from my lungs was smaller, but definitely green. (I believe the doctor was persuaded by the smaller one.)

    On top of all this, the doctor who was familiar with me and all the sinus infections (many) over a four year period was gone. You bet I was seeking antibiotics! A sinus infection that traveled into my lungs was what started my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome journey. The infection came and just would not go away. Antibiotics - even broad-spectrum ones wouldn't get rid of it. I was even on Prednisone for several months - up to 30mg per day. Months later, my infections were apparently gone, but my CFS and FMS had come to stay.

    I'm scared to death of infections. Any new infections on the horizon scare me and, Catch-22, antibiotic-resistant microbes of any kind scare me, too.