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    Doesn't it seem strange that we who have fibro are intelligent people? The reason I say this is because of the support groups I am a member of, I must say, we are of a class of intelligent, hard-working, and family oriented; be it either with humans as family or pets as family.
    I do know that for the first time, I have found relief from my worries and fears. I was advised by a judge from this state from a phone call 10 days ago that I won my case for disability.
    Guess what? There is a supreme being!!
    I did not have to hire an attorney. I won it by contacting my Senator and asked for some help. It's so facinating that I probably won by reason of insanity (hehe) instead of fibro, although at this point in time, I didn't care how the state viewed the situation. I mean, I was asked to see a psychiatrist and during my interview, I broke.
    It was the first time I have broken in my 55 years. I thought I had been through it all; mother and father dead; only child; bankruptcy; living with daughter and her family;and the list goes on. I didn't realize how badly I was needing to cry until this happened. I had always been the strong one, and here I am, going from strong Mom to such a vernerable person. So much happened in my life, with so much drama, that when I finally sat down and in one hour was asked to rely on my own thoughts, I couldn't do it!
    I thought it was still 2001 (man, a year late, a dollar short); I couldn't even tell the man where I was (city and county). I told him all I knew was I was here because I'm supposed to be. Thank goodness Susan drove me there and was in the session with me. She was a god-send. She could explain better than I things that were going on.
    So, now I realize and accept the fact that a good washing of the mind and soul are needed for peace. And I went through it, still intact.
    Oh, I've had a cataract surgery on my left eye with a lens implant and am waiting to have it done to my right eye. So much in such a short time! And, I've been given a choice of seeing a gyn or kidney doctor for leakage, which is getting worse to tact that old drooping bladder. Gosh, what else will fall apart. Do I have anything left?? that I started out with?
    Just wanted to let all of you know this, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart - don't give in, give up, throw up your hands, say you win, or anything like that. Dig in your heels and resist the giving up. Pray, meditate, or do whatever it is you do for peace and say I'll never give up!
    Remember: You cannot go uphill on downhill thoughts.
    Give it your best. Cause your best is all you need to get you through!
    Love and best wishes to you all,
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    This is good news! Congratulations on getting your SSD.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear linda
    I really had a bad day, but after reading your message it made my day! I am so happy for you