well people i decided to sign my lease on apt near my son's schoo

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 69mach1, May 23, 2006.

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    i got my money back on track prettymuch...i have to go to bank personally to transfer funds from old acct to old..

    and i have a few visa or mastercards..and i have job interview...tomarrow...it will help fo rthe lack of child support..i can not even get 25% of his unemployment because i guess he is being punished by the state for working one day in 2003 and not reporting the money to the unemployment office...

    so he said he is hurting...i told him to apply for welfare...it felt sort of nice to tell him that since cody and i had to do it whenn my sdi ran out and he didn't pay child support for 3 years..

    i don't wish anything bad..just a little taste of what it feels like applying for what i had to...

    so went to ssa to clear up some matters about all that money they keep saying i owe... the lady said they didn't make me pay and removed it off from my account so it should be a no brainer that they should be removing it from..my son's acct..
    and get my money owed back...plus the attorney fees they took out for nothing...i had no attorney ..

    so i am putting this one in my higher power...and i will get away from this black mold in my apt...it is poisoning me,

    i felt it this morning and all congested..

    and so is cody...you can just smell it...it is in the walls..

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    ype sing my lease on friday and take over the small things i can friday and saturday..

    then the ex-hubby will come up from san jose to help load up the heavy things w/my son...

    i need to do the laundry up before...and i want to wash my rughs and shower curtain...

    i have two full-baths here w/be getting down sized to one...you know it's the sign of the times...

    welll rent will be cheaper...2 bedroom and 1 bath for 1,200 a month... i can't wait to get a section 8 voucher...

    this place takes them...so i wouldn't have to move...but the y have an income limit on people living there...ove the age of 18....

    plus the head of household can't be going to college full-time...so if i do my goal the way i want to...it will take about a year to get the chemistry and human anatomy etc. out of the before i apply for dental hygiene school...

    that will be full-time..but i am not concerned about takeing the courses because i already have firm knowlwedge in the dental field...it's too bad i have to take all the classes over that i took years back...including a raidology course...i still have my dental radiology license..
    oh well..

    thanks for asking?

    how are your water sports going?

  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i am trying to get my klnopin at pharmacy...i tried to pick it up yesterday or two days ago...i can't remember..they said they would call me...well it will be two nights w/o any...makes a big difference w/o the meds for me...

    so you know that is where i will be going...i need to write a list of things to do...

    i just can not stay focused really well...fell asleep on couch trying t watch the news....what news? i missed it..

    i'll be in touc

    lot's of hug little lady.


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