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    I haven't been on here in a few months.... busy with life. But yesterday I went to the dr. for what I thought was just a UTI, only to come out of the place carrying a glucometer and a brain swimming with all the new info I had just been given about how to deal with my new diagnosis of Diabetes. It runs heavily on my mom's side of the family, so it wasn't a huge shock, but I really wasn't expecting this diagnosis so soon..... I'm not even 41 yet!

    So I guess I will be adding myself to the Diabetes board as well...... how many of you are also on there?

  2. Starr913

    Starr913 New Member

    How on earth do you eat a pb&j sandwich?!

    lol Seriously, though, how DO you eliminate bread? We frequently eat burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, toast...... Seems like a lot to give up when you add in that I'm also supposed to give up sugar, salt, cut down on fat & cholesterol..... the dietary changes are kind of overwhelming, and there are other lifestyle changes as well I have to make..... it just all seems like SO MUCH. It's depressing, and I have enough issues with depression without all this. It's scary. I went to the dr for some antibiotics for a freakin' UTI, and I walked out with THIS.
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    It's not hard to get your sugar under control if you pay close attention to diet. I use Truvia and it's pretty sweet. Read every last ingredient label. I went to buy some of that "Super Green Food" drink once that was supposed to be really high in antioxidants. It also had 26g of sugar. Crystal Light Pure is made with Stevia. Avoid Nutra Sweet and Splenda stuff. And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! If you start to feel really weak, dizzy and have cold sweats or chills - do NOT go to sleep! Keep glucose tablets or Lifesavers with you. You'll get used to testing and after awhile you won't even jump when you poke yourself. You just have to be really diligent, but once you get used to your routine it's not hard.

    Soft hugs and blessings!
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    You said if I start to feel dizzy, cold sweats, etc. to not go to sleep and to keep Lifesavers handy. So if I start to feel those symptoms it could be a sign of LOW blood sugar? Do diabetics have that issue often? How low is TOO low? I can test if I start to feel that way to make sure that's the problem. If it's too low, can I go to sleep after I eat something slightly sweet, or do I have to wait a couple of hours?

    My blood glucose at the dr.'s office Thursday was 227. I have been prescribed Metformin that I am to take once a day with a meal. This morning I finally dropped down to a more normal level of 118. That was after fasting about 7 hours though, so I don't know if that's still too high. I have eaten a meal now after testing, though, so I will test again 2 hours after the meal.

    Thanks Everyone!
  5. Mikie

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    Can get low BS if their insulin is too high. It is crucial to get some candy or orange juice down to avoid a serious diabetic complication.

    Love, Mikie
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    to hear that Starr. I have some weird blood sugar issues although not a diagnosis of diabetes. However, I've been on a diabetes diet for about seven years, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, low sugar foods and high fiber (such as whole wheat pasta and double fiber bread). I also exercise a lot every day. If I cut out high fiber carbs, I wouldn't be able to exercise. It is literally the fuel for my workouts. The diabetic websites I've seen say to eat high fiber grains also, and that helps me. To me it's drastic to eat no grains at all, but everyone is different. I would check with your doctor on that.

    I don't miss the high sugar contents anymore and in fact it makes me feel ill if I have it in foods now. The only sugar I get comes from fruits, carrots or very small amounts in my bread (and there's never high fructose corn syrup in it, something to stay far away from!). I was overwhelmed at first by a new diet like you are, but it is possible to adjust and even enjoy it. I enjoy my diet so much now and don't miss the sugars or white flours at all. They literally can be like poison.

    Remember you aren't alone in your diagnosis and the diet you are switching too is so much healthier in so many ways. Everyone should be eating the way you will be, not just people with diabetes. It's also heart-smart, blood-pressure-smart, anti-aging, etc, etc. You will be prolonging your life in ways you might not even know about. Exercise helps a lot too as I'm sure you know. Not sure if you can b/c of fibro, but any type helps!

    Give yourself time to adjust. Hang in there!!



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