Well, these last few days have been crappy,Lucky Me!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Sheila1366

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    Right now I am waiting for my flexeril to kick in.Lucky me.

    My impingement in my left shoulder decided to show up again.had MRI that should that this thing a ma doodle(a bone) has grown over the top of my something a nother.

    Anyway ,it is impingened and can only be fixed through surgery.

    I have had 2 cortisone shots in it so far.I wonder if this is whats making my neck hurt so bad.reason I am taking flexeril tonight.

    My raynauds decided to show how mean and ugly it can get for the first time this weeek.

    Been wearing gloves alot,

    And my sweet 20 yr. old daughter decided to start acting like the 12 yr. old that still needs her parents to take care of her everyneeds.

    Lord know I love so much.BUT,she just continues to be hateful to me.

    I would tell you some of the things she said today and over the last few days but it would just make you mad too.

    This girl needs to grow up.

    Oh well, life goes on right.

  2. PVLady

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    If your daughter is age 20, there is no reason for you to take her verbal abuse. Being sick already, you don't need the stress. Honey, stand up to her and let her know you are a human being also, and she is not allowed to speak to you with disrespect.

    Sometimes they need to hear this and it may stop. I don't know if she lives with you, but you don't have to tolerate it.

    I was wondering what the symptoms are of "impingement". I get numbness down my arms sometimes and think it could be coming from spine. No pain though...

    Hope you are feeling better..
  3. Cromwell

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  4. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    Thanks everybody for the support.Dianna you are so right.I was just telling my husband that we are just gonna have to let her learn the hard way.

    All of this fuss is over her boyfriend who wrote my husband and I a 5 page letter telling us how awful we are and even critizing how we take care of our disabled daughter.

    This boy asked her to choose between us and him.I think the choice is pretty clear.

    This boy upsets my youngest so bad she threatens to hurt herself when she hears his man.SHe is disabled and is a radar for emotional tension.(where God takes away he strengthens in other ways).

    She knows that this boy has been mean to us and makes her sister treat her mean too.

    It is a mess.

    When I do get a chance to talk to her.(she went to virginia with him.goes to stay with him every weekend cause he is no allowed here)I am very tired of the way she treats us all.

    She got mad yesterday cause we just can't keep paying for her medication.And now that she has a job she needs to pay for it.Boy she had a fit.

    Right now I have gone over a week without one of my anti-depressants and she gets an sttitude about having to pay for her own medication.

    Then she has the nerve to ask me if she needs to get my medicine because of the way I am acting.My mouth hit the floor.If she was anyone else I would have slapped them.Maybe I should have.


    As far as what an impingment feel like.

    My first symptom is that it hurt soooo bad at night if I slept on it.It got to wear sleep was impossible due to the pain.

    I had trouble lifting it from the side(arm straight out and arm bent at the elbow and moving straight up towards the ear).

    I finally had to go see my orthopedic.Sh edid cortizone shot and was concerned that rotator cuff is torn cause the shoulder was freezing up.

    She did MRI and lucky me had this bone growin the wrong way.

    Had 1 more cortizone shot.SHe said if it starts to hurt again then surgery would be needed.No Thank you!I'll grin and bare as long as I can.

    Having FM makes you tolerate pain at higher levels than the most human male.I mean look at us women.We give birth.Now that is pain not to mention that monthly curse thing.We know about pain.

    My neck and head still hurt really bad.My husband was rubbing my neck and the back of my head.Seems pain is coming from where the skull bulges out and there is a knot on the left side.It hurts really bad there.I always knew there was something wrong with my head.

    Guess what everyone? We might get snow.I live in NC and any talk of snow especially in the triad piedmont area,we get crazy.Bread and milk fly of the shelves.The city shuts down.The salt trucks come a running out full steam ahead.

    It's exciting.LOL!!!!!!

    But really we might get some mix rain and snow tonight.it will get below freezing so we get to have that slippery ice.

    Unfortunately the northeast is getting pounded.My daughter is in virginia getting snowed in.She new this would happen.That butthead of a boyfriend better find away for her to get home.

    I am finished complaining.Atleast I do have the slushy snow to look forward too.


  5. bozey

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    I too have an impingement in my left shoulder. Hurts like the dickens when it gets in a flare and it is right now. It will hurt for weeks or months and the only thing to fix it is surgery. NO THANKS !!! I also had the cortisone shots and it did pretty good for awhile. And it has been doing good for about 6 months and I lifted up a piece of wood to put in our wood burning stove and now it is all flaired up again. And yes, it does affect my neck too.

    Sorry to hear about your daughter stressing you out. Hopefully soon, she will grow up and realize how mean she has been.


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