WELLBOX.....does anyone use this or know of this

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    I just saw this on Access Hollywood.

    It was being advertized on there for the face. Said it would get rid on wrinkles and jowl lines. When I went on the net low and behold it was being advertized for Fibromyalgis. The part about Fibro came from the site for fmaware.

    Wellbox Tissular Therapy pioneers a new, superior generation of regenerative face and body care.

    Its principle? Wellbox Tissular Therapy mechanically rejuvenates what is arguably the most fundamental component of the human body: the connective tissue. Akin to its name, this tissue is the link that connects the puzzle of our body, from the skin’s surface to the innermost depths of the organs and limbs. Omnipresent, it transports, attaches, envelops, fills, insulates and protects every square inch of us.

    To prevent its deterioration over time (cellulite, localized fat, wrinkles, skin loosening...), connective tissue must be treated — with Wellbox Tissular Therapy.

    Like a concentrated work-out, Tissular Therapy combines two world-renowned, patented techniques:
    -‘Tissular Rolling', with motorized rollers for in-depth tissue actions and
    - ‘Tissular Lifting', with gentle pulsation for surface tissue actions.

    When used regularly, Wellbox maintains and improves your health, beauty and well-being.


    What Is Wellbox

    Wellbox offers the powerful combination of muscular relief and appearance enhancement of the very same body that experiences pain and discomfort of fibromyalgia.

    Wellbox’s “Tissular Therapy” is provided through two patented techniques, “Tissular Rolling” and “Tissular Lifting.” This is the first time a technology this sophisticated has been designed for use in the privacy and comfort of the home.

    Wellbox treatments can have particularly powerful effects on those trying to manage Fibromyalgia.

    Tissular Rolling precisely targets the deepest layers of the body’s tissue for long-lasting relief from muscle soreness, spasms, and aches. This unique technique has been scientifically documented and FDA-cleared for muscular pain relief. The FDA has also cleared its action on cellulite and microcirculation.

    Tissular Lifting is dedicated to treat the skin of the face, neck and chest area, giving it a silky smooth, radiant aspect.

    Thanks to its efficacy at a cellular level, Tissular Therapy generates a host of benefits for the entire body.

    What does this mean for fibromyalgia patients?

    By providing an easy-to-use, natural, and pain-free treatment, Wellbox may help these patients to manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Tissular Therapy generates a deep tissue mobilization, significantly improving day-to-day life by relieving muscular pain and tension. This then positively impacts quality of sleep, relief from fatigue, and mobility.

    Wellbox helps patients reclaim their lives and once again handle daily tasks that had become strenuous. This unique treatment offers a reprieve from the sufferers’ daily pain and distress, easing the challenge of fibromyalgia’s symptoms.

    Wellbox’s spectacular effects on cellulite, microcirculation, and skin appearance offer additional benefits to fibromyalgia patients. This device not only makes users feel better internally—it makes them feel better about themselves by improving their appearance. Recuperating from the insidious effects of pain, fibromyalgia patients can attend to their beauty using the same Wellbox.

    Wellbox can be used whenever desired. Although Wellbox has been designed for self-treatment, others may also administer Tissular Therapy, providing the added emotional support of family and friends.

    How Your Loved Ones Can Help

    Wellbox was designed for easy self-treatment—but it’s also ideal for involving family and friends in your treatment.

    Pain can be difficult to pinpoint, and even more difficult to describe to your loved ones. But if your spouse, significant other, or friends participate in your Wellbox treatments, administering treatment on your back, the backs of your legs, or other places challenging for you to reach on your own, it will be easy for them to understand where you hurt.

    As your supporters get involved with your treatments, they will also begin to feel like they can participate in your journey through fibromyalgia. They can offer meaningful and effective support. They can help you control your symptoms.

    As you explain to your partner where to apply the therapeutic head and what treatment intensity you require, the two of you will enjoy improved communication and greater intimacy. Treatment periods will become an opportunity for you to strengthen your relationship, and to break down any barriers that you may feel fibromyalgia has erected between you.

    Remember that, though you are undergoing Wellbox treatments to manage your muscular pain, you can also administer treatments to your loved ones. Help them to relax, ease their tensions, and allow them to experience a reduced appearance of cellulite, too.

    You and your support system are a team, working together to manage your fibromyalgia symptoms and reclaim your life. Wellbox is a powerful tool that will bind your team together, and make your job that much easier.

    Anything other that this I don't know. I just want to know if anyone has used this for either use.

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    I got something on it last month in a newsletter from the National Fibromyalgia Assoc. Looks interesting! I haven't called to see how much it is... i'm assuming around $1000, as it said the price was equal to about 10 massages.

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    The cheapest I could find it on the web was $1,500. Money well spent if it does all it claims to do and if you have the money. Hell, I'd take out a loan to buy it if it was as magic as the commercial and the news says it is.

    Any one else??

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    Some sort of electric rolling pin?
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    I guess $1500 for 10 massage in the swankiest of massage parlors!! lol My hour long massages only cost $80, and thats here in D.C.!!!! Sounds like they're a little off on their math. hahaha

    Electric rolling pin! good one!!!! laughing so hard it hurts!

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    It usually is.

    I guess I am sceptical about these sort of claims. I always think that if something is so good a product they could just have it in the stores or hospitals would have access to buying it etc.

    I have a friend who is always buying stuff from the infomercials and they NEVER work properly, this is why you see them in BIg LOts a couple of years later for Like $2.)) each.

    Snake oil salesmen are just that. My best friends have been ivolved in so many schemes it is untrue. One minute it is this, then some other miracle cure or whatever, all with more fantastic claims. I don't mind someone saying this can improve you maybe, but these claims of cures just bug me.

    However, if you buy it for $1,500 and it does remove wrinkles and jowels, let me know(LOL)

    Love Anne C

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