WELLBUPROFIN - Smoking Cessastion

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    I think that's how you spell it. :)

    Anyhoot, has anyone tried the Wellbuprofin to stop smoking? If so, did you have any side effects that I should be concerned about? Or did the product work for you?
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    And the generic is Zyban (I think). My mom and cousin both used it/them. They're both smoking again.... (Whatever you do, do NOT give in to that first cigarette. A smoke will not make whatever situation better.) Beyond that I can't help you because neither of them have FM or CFS, but my mom didn't mention any side effects.
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    They are the same drug, but usually, they will want to prescribe Zyban for smoking cessation..I think it is really effective for that..I stopped about 8 years ago with its use..and have been smoke-free since that time...I did not have any side effects, but I don't take but about l50mg, now...When I first started it, however, I think I took the 300mg dose..

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    Yes, Wellbutrin {and God!} helped me Quite smoking nearly 4 years ago now. I Had smoked for about 40 years!!! I haven't had a cig. since. I know that just one would "do me in"! Its the hardest thing I've ever done but the one I'm most proud of. I had no side effects and had no trouble getting off the Wellbutrin. Good luck. If I can do it ANYONE can do it.
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    Wellbutrin is actually triple-marketed - to stop smoking, as a weight loss drug, and as an anti-depressant. I'm not a smoker, so I don't know how it works in that respect, but I've taken it for several years as an anti-depressant for my fibro and to help with migraines and it has been wonderful for me - I haven't experienced any side effects, although I have seen a few posters here say they felt "jittery" from it. I say give it a try - if you find you do have a bad reaction, you can find another treatment.

    Congratulations on making the decision to quit smoking. I know from watching my dad quit after smoking for 35 years how hard it will be for you. However, in the long run it's going to make you feel better. I know it's not the same, but when I stopped eating and drinking stuff with aspertame (the sugar substitue in diet drinks and sugar free snacks)in it I was amazed at how much better I felt - I had no idea what a toll it was taking on me until I got it out of my system.

    I hope it goes well and relatively easy for you - good luck!!