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    my primary MD & I have discussed me trying Wellbutrin for a short period to help boost my energy and reduce fog.

    The issue: she wnats to start me on the lowest possible sustained release dose (say 100-150mg/day). But she is not certain if there are any 50-75 mg sustained release doses. She think Wellbutrin must be taken in at least 2 doses to maintain its blood levels.

    I've searched on the web -- I've found 75mg doses -- but its not clear if those are sustained release pills.

    To those who are on it: what is your dosing levels and how often do you take it?

    Any help appreciated.

  2. franners

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    Okee dokee.. This is what my GP had me do to start which was just a few days ago. He had me cut the 150mg tab in half which is hard to get exactly but I did it. He had me do that for a few days then go to 150 twice daily then up to 200 mg twice daily. He said one dose is like a pot of coffee. I don't drink coffee but I think a pot of Mountain Dew would be stronger. Of course you have to let it build up in your system. I do notice that I don't feel like crying all the time though, but not sure if it is because the others wouldn't do much about the pain.
    But if someone tells you not to cut it in have do it anyways. He called a pharmacist we both know and he said go ahead since it was only for two days.
    Good Luck
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    My dr. started me on 150 mg once a day. I stayed on just the one a day for 4 months. I'm going off know by taking one every other day for two weeks. Then I will stop completely. I have taken wellbutrin once before for about the same amount of time and same dose. I take it when I get very depressed which seems to be late fall and spring. My dr. thinks I have a seasonal depression which is caused by a lack of sun light. I don't understand why your dr. wouldn't know more about wellbutrin and the different mg it has. If its not a slow release I could see how you might need to take it twice a day. You might call a drug store and talk to a pharmatic. Good luck
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    I started on Wellbutrin at 150 mg once per day a few weeks ago. It really has helped with some fogginess and from other irritating symptoms I think were caused by the paxil I had been taking.

    I am thinking that 150 mg SR might be too much and might request I go down to 100mg SR once per day to see if that helps.

    I was under the impression that wellbutrin once per day as long as it is slow release would be fine. I'm interested to in others experiences.

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    Hi! I'm new to this message board and this is the first time I have responded to a post. I have been reading and taking notes on a lot of great information that a lot of you have provided.

    I have been taking Wellbutrin off and on mostly on the last few years. I take it for the brain fog I can't think without it. I take 150mg SR once a day. I tried taking two a day one in the morning and then one after at least eight hours after taking the first dose but didn't see any additional benefit.

    A little history:

    I was officially diagnosed with FM about a year ago. I just thought that I could just go on with my life and not have to face the fact that this is not going to go away. I've been doing pretty well except for a few flares about once a month that last a couple of days.

    I'm was tired of just putting up with it and needed to know more about what works. Thanks for being here!