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  1. heapsreal

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    After advice on splitting wellbutrin sr tablets, have read on one site (wikipedia) that this can be done without losing its slow release effect. I have ordered wellbutrin sr 150mg, not xr version. As im a bit sensitive to stimulant type meds i would firstly like to take 75mg and take it from there.

    Any advice apprecited.
  2. hensue

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    It does not have the same effect as the purple pills with smiley face. So I got an appeal from my insurance company.
    I was also allergic to the fillers.

    I told heapsreal at first it was hard for me to get on it. I do not know at that time if it was the medicine or sickness.

    I take two wellbutrin sr 150 twice a day.

    It helps my pain but I know if I take the last dose real late I cannot sleep.
    Cannot sleep anyway but you know what I am saying.

    told him I had bad headaches when I first started and anxiety. Then again as I think back it could have been my fibromyalgia.
    I have been on it for 10 years or more and would rather not eat than not have my wellbutrin sr
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    Why would i want to do that? What are you refering too? From what i have read it effects noradrenaline and dopamine which can help energize you, maybe not to the extent of amphetamines but give you a kick and ability to concentrate more. I dont live in USA but australia, so this med is expensive here(zyban) but have an internet source which is alot cheaper, $20 30x150mg,. After 15 years of being on wellbutrin maybe its lost its kick. Even ssri's energize me to some extent, currently on zoloft so was going to add this med to it

    As for taking low doses, i find i am sensitive to these type of meds, with zoloft i start at 1/4 of 50mg tablet and slowly work my way up in 1/4s to full tab. I think it helps avoid alot of side effect. Zoloft has improve my cognitive stuff but still feel i need more of a boost. Any other advice for energy would be appreciated. I just think the closet thing i will find for energy will be an antidepressant as it would be hard to find a doc to prescibe amphetamine type meds and modifinal would be priced out of my league.
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    It definitely can have a stimulant effect on some people.....in fact it can also make people who are not normally bipolar, become manic. There has even been some discussion about including Bipolar III in the next DSM, and that category would refer to people who only have manic episodes caused by meds, like Welbutrin.

    Despite the claims that there is no difference between brand and generic meds, I have found that there are certain meds that my body definitely reacts to much differently depedning on whether I try the brand or the generic. When I first noticed this happening, I though it seemed really weird and must be something else causing the reaction, but when I brought it up to my Dr, she said that she has actually had a lot of patients report the same thing. Since then I have come across quite a few others who have also said similar things (inc other medical professionals). So, you might find that you respond differently to brand vs generic Wellbutrin, too.
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    thanks for all the replies.
    What have u guys found wellbutrin helpful for, eg energy, pain, mood, appetitte, brain fog, etc

    When i recieve my meds, i will let u guys know how i responded to it.

    Thanks again!!
  6. AuntTammie

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    only someone with CFS or FM would understand that one - wishing for mania in order to be able to clean sounds insane, but I am rt there with ya : )
  7. hensue

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    I was having severe pain from head to toe and it was not letting up. Went to Emory Hospital and make a long story short. The neurologist who was testing put me on it. I do not think I would have made it without it.

    Not that it is a cure but it took the edge off the pain from head to toe.
    Your appetite or mine isnt like it was I am not as hungry. It is a strange drug you know they give it to smokers. I use to drink coffee everday I have one cup and that is it. If I make it thru it. Also my taste changed I do not crave sweets. I loved chocolate I notice I want real food.
    Also fats like Mayo. Have M&M's in my purse and had them there awhile.
    I was so weak I couldnt get out of bed. I got out of bed and went back to work.
    As I have gotten older past 55 fibro is taking a toll now and I am severely fatigued.
    Now if I overdo I have terrible pain still and I will crash. As everyone knows you have to pace yourself. You know that does not always work.

    My son tried wellbutrin sr for a different reason social phobia and it made him very irritable.
    I seem to be the word would be more Intense about everything. My feelings, how loud I am
    Will walk right up to anyone and talk to them. No inhibitions hardly at all.
    Then again I have always been a talker. LOL cant you tell. I think the dopamine part of this drug my brain and body like.

    I do take klonopin at night not only to sleep but it also helps with seizures. That can be a side effect of Wellbutrin but I do not plan on going over 300mg a day.

    I have found also the drug ultram for pain the generic makes me sleepy and the name brand gives me energy.

    Has anyone else had this happen?

  8. heapsreal

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    hi, took my first dose of wellbutrin 150mg today. So far all is well, it feels like it gives me energy but not over stimulated and at this stage dont think it will interfere with my sleep. Have used reboxetine(edronax) which is energising but interfers with sleep and i sweat alot. My only problem is my back is playing up so have the energy to do stuff but cant move, just cant take a trick at moment.

    Also on zoloft so will keep taking wellbutrin with it and maybe drop the zoloft down the track. Think im on a winner, time will tell.