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  1. Thee Ox

    Thee Ox New Member

    Hi all,

    Doc has got me om Welly and Cymbalta - Cymmy to treat fibro pain & depression ( however, the Cymmy was doing well for fibro, not so well for depression) and starting last Monday she has me on Welly for depression.

    Does anyone here in the membership have any pro & con stories about Webutrin?


    Yer Pal Always ( unless you want to borrow money),
  2. piratelife

    piratelife New Member

    Wellbutrin has helped me with my energy level some. I'm on the maximum dosage. The only side effect I have from it is hand tremors but I'll take that over being stuck in bed:)
  3. Criket62

    Criket62 New Member

    I have been taking Wellbutrin SR for years. The original reason is my gynecologist had given me Zoloft for depression during PMS. But, my husband wasn't happy with my low libido. So I discussed it with my gyn & he replaced it with Wellbutrin SR. He told me that it doesn't affect most women's libido and most women lose some weight on it. I don't really have PMS anymore since I had a hysterectomy but continue to take it because it helps with the depression from CFS. As for the low libido? It wasn't low anymore. There has never been anything that I have disliked about it. I take 150 mg twice a day.
  4. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    was on it yrs ago.....made me manic even though I have never had bipolar disorder before or since then....also made me feel jittery, nervous, irritable

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