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    Hi Everyone - I have been reviewing many messages today about Wellbutrin. I have been off of Wellbutrin for a month (per doctor's instructions). Does anyone know if Wellbutrin helps FMS or CFS?? I've had quite a few more attacks this month, but for some reason did not attribute the to the stoppage of Wellbutrin. Weather is my biggest
    problem. BUT - maybe that was a contributing factor.

    Thanks to all my friends........have a good day :)
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    because it gives one more energy, which was a big problem when I was not on it and it may be providing some antidepressant effects, something I haven't gotten from any other meds..but it depends on the person
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    I prefer Wellbutrin SR. It makes me feel a little less fatigued while on it. It does depend on the person as well though. When I was first Dx with fibro, my neurologist put me on Pamelor. Not only did it help the depression but it also helped ease some of the pain I was having. Right now I'm pretty much being forced from my Wellbutrin to Paxil, and I'm not happy about that at all. I do though believe, depending on the person, Wellbutrin can help both because of the little extra energy it gives. What type of attacks are you having? Pain, fatigue, anxiety, all of the above???