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  1. ForeverFlaring

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    Hi all,

    I have been reading alot of past posts regarding Wellbutrin. One thing I have not seen is about insomnia as a side effect of Wellbutrin. I take Wellbutrin SR 300 mg. Last night I forgot to take my Flexeril. At 3 am, I was wired. I realized I had forgotten to take it. I took it then and it took quite awhile to hit me but I am thinking that maybe the Wellbutrin made me more wound up than usual. Has anyone else had this side effect with Wellbutrin? It does give me more energy during the day but I don't like to be so wired at night.
  2. Plantscaper

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    I take it early in the morning, never at night..But I only take l50mg, not the bigger dosage..cause there is a slight risk of seizure on larger doses..It is for energy..and the earlier you can take it, the better..
  3. achy

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    I take 150mg wellbutrin at 8:00am and the other 150mg at 8:00pm. I go to bed at 10:00 and take 1 or 2 flexeril.

    One flexeril isn't enough to keep me asleep. I still wake 2-3 times a night. If I take two I sleep better but get the morning hangover that hangs wiht me all day!!

    Iam envious you get wired on the wellbutrin..I don't seem to get that effect.

    Try taking the wellbutrin earlier in the evening....

    Good luck &
    warm fuzzies
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    to help him stop smoking. He's supposed to be taking 150 mg in the AM and 150 mg in the PM. He canNOT sleep if he takes more than 150 mg in the morning, and even at that, he has a lot of trouble going to sleep. He's been on this for about 3 months, and it's only gotten slightly better for him. He's hoping to get off of it soon.

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    I am supposed to take this med twice daily (bid) but I can't if I want to sleep at night. I gradually got used to the side effects and I became less hyper after taking it. I still only take it once though because you never know what day my body will decide to wake up and react to that or caffeine the way it should. I find the med that helps the most is Flexeril. (for pain) The day after I first took it I woke up without pain in my calves and feet. I could've cried because it made me realize how bad I hurt everyday and how I used to feel. :( Good luck with wellbutrin. I also take clonazepam. It is for anxiety and panic attacks. It is a godsend.
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    My doctor said to take 200 mg when I get up and the second 200 mg dose no later than noon if I want to sleep that night. It works fine that way. Mine is the SR (sustained release) type.