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    I posted my Oregon Doc Thread. Keep up with it. If it helps me then maybe you could go see him. I don't remember if you said where you live but if you are in that area it might be worth a visit to him. I really liked his attitude about this DD and I know that he is into finding the underlying problem and trying to figure out what is causing us to feel this way. He wants us to be able to get off all the bad meds and find more natural things to help us which is wonderful in my eyes. I hate taking all these drugs, there are so many bad side effects, the worst for me being low(or NO)libido..ok there are others but that one I HATE...lol.....anyway, I will definately keep in touch with you. Let me know a little more about your situation and where you are. I see you have nothing in your profile. It would help if you had it filled out. To many people to remember on here and everything goes so fast. Sometimes it helps me to look at profiles so I can remember who I was talking to in the past. Anyway, good luck and I will remember you and keep in touch.(my fibro-fog promises)...lol....~hugs~ Mick!!
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    Here are a few things I found about Dr. Webster. I hope this will help you......That is so cool about your birthdays!! Let me know if I can help you in anyway ~hugs~ Mick!!

    Dr. Kim Webster Functional Medicine NW Lovejoy Portland, OR A reader writes: "Dr. Webster is willing to listen He prescribes Armour and Thyrolar, but specializes in "functional medicine" where he looks for the causes of autoimmune problem and addresses the problems with supplements and lifestyle changes. He is a great doctor! Give him a try." (Added 11/02)

    Another fan:
    "I just wanted to echo the previous endorsement for Kim Webster. He is incredibly knowledgeable, understands endocrine, neurotransmitter, and autoimmune issues extremely well, and takes a full hour in the first consultation to ask questions, examine your body, and get to the core issues affecting your health. After a single visit, I am feeling better than I have ever felt in my entire life!" (Added 1/06)

    A reader writes:
    "I agree with the other comments about Dr. Webster. He i= s very thorough and takes the time to listen. He figured out things that 3 other doctors in 3 years couldn't figure out in a 1 hour session. I feel SOOO= much better than I used to in just 1 visit. He knows the right question= s to ask and the right tests to do. I was tired of feeling like I was crazy and it is so nice to know that a doctor finally believes you and understands as he has thyroid issues as well. I had lost all hope of feeling well, but Dr. Webster has changed my life. My kids tell me I = am a whole new mom now. I have more energy to do things with my kids and husband than I have had in over 3 years." (Added
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    I was just going through the posts and came across my name. Great let me know about that doc. I had a horrible experience with a naturalpath in Portland. He took tons of money from me and did not help me at all. Dr Milner was his name. So am ao leary about new docs. Thank you so much for keeping in touch with me.

    I filled out my profile.

    Hugs Wendy

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