Went back to see my PCP yesterday. I was having such a terrible

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KarenL47520, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. KarenL47520

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    headache and hurting all over so bad. When I told PCP that I had appt with DR. Randall Oliver 03/17 he was trilled. He told me that he had been sending pts to him for at least 10 years and had never had dissatisified pt. He said Dr. Olliver is very very good at what he does.

    I was having a banger of a headache and he gave me a pritter point shot for it and man is my head sore this morning. Cost me a fortunate too, office visit and shot was $177.00 I was even more depressed after going in to see him.
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    I feel for you. I have murderous headaches on an almost constant basis now and cannot figure out what to do for them. My PCP doesn't want to go near them, one specialist recommended a beta blocker but that is supposed to make fatigue and mood worse, some of the really strong drugs just seem too heavy duty, and OTC stuff even in high doses just doesn't touch them.
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    I too suffer from severe everyday never ending headaches and my Doc does have me on the beta blockers. we are getting them adjusted but they do indeed help. I can definetely tell if i have missed a dose. The next day my head pounds terribly. i take the beta blocker at night an hour before bed and actually it does help me to fall alseep. I told him incase of the side effects that is how I take them. But I do not find that is causes mood swings in me. Infact if anything the headaches cause them. Good luck,
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    When I started taking the antibiotic therapy, along with chronic sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, IBS, and that fluish feeling.

    This doesn't necessarily mean it will be the answer for everyone, but for me, it worked.

    Love, Mikie