Went for volunteer job, now I'm embarrassed

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    Hi. I'm new to the board. This is just my second post. I had been feeling very good lately. I went for an interview at our local library to volunteer for a position they listed. They needed MLS volunteers for 4 hours a week to help out in the library. I got my MLS degree in 1978 and worked for 22 years as a librarian at a large law firm until I had to retire due to pain and exhaustion in 2000. The public library is in town and is very small. When I got to the interivew, it turned out that 4 hours is really a very minimum amount of time. They want people with MLS degrees who can handle the actual reference and other professional tasks, as opposed to shelving books. They give the volunteers extensive orientation, which invovlves one-time trips to 3 or 4 other area libraries. I had had 3 busy days before the interview (meaning I had to be up from 5:45 am to the end of the day) and had cable guys out to check one of our cable boxes and had done shopping; things I used to do without thinking twice.) Each day I was more tired, but didn't hurt. At the interview, I didn't mention my fibromyalgia because I thought it might not be a factor and also I didn't want to sound like I was making excuses right off the bat. The day after the interview I crashed and for 48 hours I was in a terrific amount of pain and just went to bed. Now, I don't think I can handle more than 4 hours a week and I'm not sure about the traveling for the trips to the other area libraries, even though that is a one-time trip to each one. I'm discouraged with myself and embarrassed. I guess I can go back and explain my physical limitations and offer to do just the 4 hours a week if that will help them out. But this is the first situation since I was diagnosed that I would have to discuss my fibromyalgia with a stranger. I know some of you must have faced this. Any advice on how to handle this situation or similar situations in the future? I know it's silly, but if they can't use my volunteer efforts, I'm going to be embarrassed to go back and use the library as a patron. Thank you for any help.
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    Thank you so much to "nink" and "Sunny" for your replies to my embarrassment regarding the volunteer situation. You both helped me a lot and made a lot of sense. I just needed those pep talks to get me back on track.
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    I would so love to work in library or book store,but no longer drive.Maybe they would consider you for a on call type of position.If someone is sick or can't go in that day they would call you.This would give you a chance to try it, and not be commited to a particular amount of hours.