went to a new doctor, hope i made the right decision. thoughts?

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  1. sweetbeatlvr

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    i recently went to a new doctor, and made the decision to not mention that i've been diagnosed with FM. i'm not sure if i've done the right thing, and i would really appreciate your thoughts and advice.

    i've been having a hard time finding a doctor who A.) believes that FM is a real illness w/ real pain or B.) who will adequately treat my pain.

    i also recently lost my insurance so i have to pay cash for any doctor's visits, and beings i don't have alot of extra cash, i cannot make alot of visits.

    i made another thread about it, but lately i've been dealing with a particular pain in my upper back, which has caused me to have numbness in my fingers, which is now constant.

    i had an MRI 2 years ago that showed mild degeneration in my C-spine, and i truly believe that whatever i am dealing with is more than "just" FM.

    i also had a hard fall on my friend's steps, a couple weeks before this started, and am concerned that it may have sparked this pain.

    i really wanted to make sure i could get another MRI done of my back.

    i decided to make a doctor appt with the doctor that my whole family goes to (and like very much). he was not accepting new patients, but my family told me to tell the office who i was and they would accept me as a patient, and they did.

    before going in to the appt., i decided that i was not going to mention the FM, and focus only on the fall, and the pain and symptoms i've been dealing with.

    my reason being, i wanted him to focus on what i'm dealing with, and just in case he did not believe in FM, his thoughts on that would not interfere with his decisions on my current situation.

    it was an excellent visit. i liked him alot. he listened very well, spent a good amount of time with me, and also did not have an issue with prescribing me medicines to help. he also, first ordered an x-ray to make sure there aren't any fractures, and said we'll do an MRI next if the x-ray didn't show anything.

    i'm not sure if i made the right decision to not mention FM? he asked if i had any other health problems, and i said no.

    i feel bad for lying, but i was afraid that what has happened so many other times, with doctors not treating me well, would happen again, and i've been suffering really bad.

    i'm wondering if i should come clean with him on my next visit, and explain why i did it? or if i should just keep going and let him diagnose me?

    most of us know how hard it is to find a good doctor who belives in FM and treats it the way it should b treated, and i don't have the funds to keep jumping from doctor to doctor, trying to find one to treat me.

    i would appreciate any thoughts or advice on my situation.

    thanks alot.<3

  2. TigerLilea

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    You did the right thing by not mentioning a previous diagnoses of FM. Chances are, had you said that you had FM, he probably would have not looked any further. This way he is taking a fresh look and could well discover something that your previous doctor missed.

    The fact that you have numbness in your fingers suggests a pinched nerve in your spine.

    Do you have all over pain, is just the one specific area in your back?
  3. MKate

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    I do the same thing now whenever I find a new doctor -- because we need doctors to deal with the current symptoms. When we lay out the Diagnosis - they tend to immediately give up and ignore helping us with managing the symptoms....

    Plus - you are right -- you don't want to ignore the fall if it could have caused something more than what was pre-existing pain with FM!!!

    Good job - good luck - you can always bring it out later -- if needed....or maybe he/she will figure it out and reconfirm an earlier diagnosis!!!! that's always nice!

  4. loto

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    I think I would've left out the FM diagnosis also. I think the doctor will probably run more tests to find out what is causing your back problems and numbness in your fingers.
    I like my family doctor, but I think sometimes when I go to him with a new problem he doesn't get thorough enough and it ends up I'm dealing with something that has nothing to do with my FM.
    I just requested a referral to see a urologist before the holidays and am waiting to get in to see one.
    I don't know if I should mention that I am diagnosed with FM, but I'm pretty sure the nurse said she is going to forward records with the referral. I'll just have to be super tough and make demands that I want an answer to the problem I'm having! Fortunately I have good insurance and the cost won't be a factor in my case.
    I wish you luck in finding out what's causing your pain and numbness.
    take care
  5. sweetbeatlvr

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    i definately feel better about the situation now.

    i knew, going in, that i had good reasons to not mention the FM. i just started to doubt myself afterwards.

    i think i may continue to just allow him to draw his own conclusions. maybe he will find something that the others missed.

    thanks again everyone, i truly appreciate your responses!
  6. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member

    right now, my pain is mainly in my back. before my back, it was in my arms. also, when i try to lie down and relax, my pain seems to radiate from the bad spots, and my whole body throbs.

    i can pinpoint the vertabrae where my pain is coming from right now. i also believe that i have a piched nerve.

    this doctor seems to be on top of his game, so i'm anxious to see what he can find.

    thanks for your response.<3
  7. Janalynn

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    I think you have a great opportunity down the road. Once you're comfortable with him, maybe you can bring up all of your Fibro symptoms and see what he makes of everything. You don't have to say you've been officially diagnosed - maybe if says the same thing, you could say, it's been mentioned, but you always wanted an independant opinion. If he doesn't say Fibro, you can still tell him you've been diagnosed and why. A lot depends on what you need treatment for - if he'll treat your Fibro symptoms.

    I have a separate medical issue with family members. I would go into each Dr. never telling what the last one said so I could get a fresh point of view. Not the same reason for you not saying anything, but a great opportunity nonetheless.